Animal Laws

    • Person Intentionally
    • Tortures an Animal
    • OR Kills an Animal
    • OR Starves, dehydrates or suffocates an animal causing torture or death
    • OR Forces a Minor to Inflict Unnecessary Pain, Injury or Death on an Animal
    • OR Knowingly engages in sexual conduct with an animal
    • OR Knowingly causes, aids another person to engage in sexaul conduct with an animal
    • OR Knowingly permits any sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal to be conducted on any premises under their control
    • OR Knowingly engages in organizes, promotes, conducts, aids, or observes any sexual conduct or sexual contact with an animal
    • OR Knowingly photographs for purposes of sexual gratification a person engaged in sexual conduct or sexual contact
    • Class C Felony
    • 16.52.205
  2. Animal Cruelty 2nd
    • Person Knowingly, Recklessly or with Criminal Negligence Inflicts Unnecessary Suffering or Pain upon an animal
    • OR Fails to provide the animal with necessary shelter, rest, sanitation, or medical and the animal suffers unnecessaryor unjustifiable physical pain
    • Criminal Non-Traffic - Misdemeanor
    • 16.52.207


    • Person Abandons the animal AND it suffers bodily harm
    • OR Creates an imminent and substantial risk that the animal will suffer substantial bodily harm.
    • Criminal Non-Traffic - Gross Misdemeanor
    • 16.52.207
  3. Harming Police dog
    • Harming Police Dog
    • OR Police Horse
    • BY Injurying, Disabling, Shooting or Killing the Dog or Horse
    • Class C Felony
    • 9A.76.200
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