1. What does the f-stop number indicate?
    • Its a fraction which indicates the diameter of the aperture. The f = the focal length of the lens, the / = devided by f stop number.
    • The result is the diameter of the lens opening.
  2. Name the original f-stop numbers which relate to each othe by dobeling the amount of light at each step.
    f 4, f5.6, f8, f11 and so on
  3. How do you attain the highest possible shutter speed at any given ISO?
    Using the largest possible lens opening.
  4. What ist the effect of lowering the shutter speed?
    Blurring effects.
  5. Whats the effect of high ISO numbers?
    Grain ( noise )
  6. What does grain affect?
    sharpness, contrast and color.
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