NMT Universal Correction Statement

  1. NMTUCS 1
    Shall the mind-body now:
  2. NMTUCS 2
    Project its awareness, attention, belief, and intention into all times and dimensions of the undivided universal field of consciousness and
  3. NMTUCS 3
    identify, accept, and release attunement to all events, IFs, and IFs-h that compromise awareness of, or define into existence the TFS?
  4. NMTUCS 4
    • Or, that cause this transformation to seem dangerous,
    • undeserved, or impossible to achieve?
  5. NMTUCS 5
    Create awareness, acceptance, attunement, and belief of all corrective events and TrIQs to define into existence the TTS?
  6. NMTUCS 6
    Create the intention to collapse the quantum potential ofthe field’s reality quanta to manifest this transformation?
  7. NMTUCS 7
    Create optimal attunement and coherence to the source of creation, innate intelligence, and the consciousness of healing?
  8. NMTUCS 8
    • Accept the role of co-creator of all experienced reality,
    • NOW?
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NMT Universal Correction Statement
NMT Universal Correction Statement