Lesson two: Cell Theory

  1. What is spontaneous generation?
    life is created from non-living matter using a “life force”
  2. Francesco Redi (1668)
    He did the fly experiment to see if maggots came from meat or if it was fly’s
  3. John Needham (1745)
    He performed an experiment on broth to test if it grew mold and went bad by itself. He was wrong because he had open lids
  4. Louis Pasteur (1864)
    He did John Needham’s experiment but instead he had one lid open and one lid closed
  5. Schleiden, Schwann and Virchow...?
    They were German scientists that developed the cell theory togather
  6. All organisms are composed of ___ __ ____ _____.
    One or more cells
  7. What is the smallest functional unit of life?
    The cell
  8. All cells are produced from _____ _____
    Other cells
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Lesson two: Cell Theory
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