Roaring 20s

  1. What amendment gave women the right to vote?
    The 19th
  2. What did the 19th amendment do?
    Gave women the right to vote.
  3. What was one of the reasons Prohibition legislation passed in the late 1910s?

    C) It supported the war effort.
  4. Which group did not favor Prohibition?

    C) "wets"
  5. One of the failures of the 18th amendment can be traced to what cause?
    Agencies set up to enforce the laws were in adequately staffed and under funded.
  6. Which group initially supported Prohibition, often became drawn into the culture of publicly smoking and drinking  in speakeasies" of the 1920s?
  7. Al Capone was responsible for what infamous crime during the 1920s?
    The St. Valentines Day Massacre
  8. Who was a major figure in organized crime in the 1920s and was responsible for the St. Valentines Day massacre?

    A) Al Capone
  9. While in office, Harding was the first U.S. president to visit:
    Canada and Alaska
  10. Why Calvin Collage became president in 1923?
    He was the Vice President at the time and therefore became President when Warren Harding die of a heart attack.
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