PingAn Good Doctor

  1. PingAn Good Doctor basics
    incorp in 2014, listed in 2018, HQ in shanghai,
  2. self introduction
    • connie
    • HKUST, major in accounting and finance
    • joined KPMG after graduation, turns out to like the job and the company, stayed with them for the 5th year now
    • financial service stream - my clients are mainly banks and securities brokers, some of them are listed and you may know them, eg. BEA, Shenwan Hongyuan, Orix, HSBC, CITIC group
    • for the past year i have been the in-charge of audit engagement for BEA, which is one of the top 3 engagement in my firm, proud to make it through annoucement
    • my strongest ability: communication skills, working under time pressure
    • timeline is quite crazy, my bank client is among the earliest to have audit committee meetings and to announce; if there are issues, I'd have coordinate with the client and my bosses to resolve this. I have learnt to maintain good relationship with the client so that they will be more cooperative which would make the whole audit much smoother
    • this is also the reason why i think i am suitable for this job. I have client facing skills, which is applicable here. I can pick up things fairly quickly, again
  3. why i want to change to this job
    • old company: KPMG always make money, good culture, good exposure, the hours are shit, girls cant make it too long (I know coming to IR would mean I have loads to pick up in the first few months and it will be hard)
    • new company: growth company, got listed in 4 years which is impressive, downloaded the app>quite innovative, 95% market consensus rating is to OW the stock
    • industry: demand for IR is growing, (1)relatively less mature in HK or China, (2) a lot of china concepts stocks are considering to seek for second listing in HK
    • skills: understanding of the business, financial statement reading(CPA holder), familiarity with listing rules and disclosure requirements
    • job nature: I also like the nature of this job. Maintain good relationship with investors and communicate with analyst, fits my personality. My clients like me and the service we provide, that's why my boss is satisfied and my client allows us to charge them more service fee every year. I think this is a pretty good sign of my interpersonal skills.
  4. Nature of this job
    • managing communication between a company’s corporate management and its investors, like institutional investors and funds, potential investors
    • business, performance and future developments
    • collecting info from various departments, handling inquiries and meetings
    • disclosure requirements by HKEx,
    • sensitive to information which will move stock price
    • go to where money lies
  5. core business segments
    • health mall (Chinese and Western pharmaceuticals (OTC drugs), nutrition and health products, medical devices, maternal and infant products,
    • and sports and fitness products) 57
    • consumer healthcare (standardized healthcare service packages) 22
    • online medical service (24/7 online consultation, referral, registration, online prescribed medication purchase, and drug delivery) 17
    • health management and wellness interaction (advertising products) 4
  6. growth engines
    • Insurance and corporate clients - OMS
    • contributions from "internet hospitals" 50
    • specialty medical services
    • increasing consumer acceptance of online consultations
    • 2024-25 breakeven
  7. Expectations
    • for myself
    • for the firm
    • for the job
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