Q-Code for Amateurs

  1. QRA
    What is the name of your station?

    The name of my station is _______.
  2. QRB
    How far are you from my station?

    I am _____ km from your station.
  3. QRD
    Where are you bound and where are you coming from?

    I am bound _____ from _____.
  4. QRG
    Will you tell me my exact frequency?

    Your exact frequency is  _____ kHz.
  5. QRH
    Does my frequency vary?

    Your frequency varies.
  6. QRI
    How is the tone of my transmission?

    • The tone of your transmission is _____ .
    • (1-Good, 2-Variable, 3-Bad.)
  7. QRJ
    Are you receiving me badly?

    I cannot receive you since your signal is too weak.
  8. QRK
    What is the intelligibility of my signals?

    • The intelligibility of your signals is _____.
    • (1-Bad, 2-Poor, 3-Fair, 4-Good, 5-Excellent.)
  9. QRL
    Are you busy?

    I am busy. Please do not interfere.
  10. QRM
    Is my transmission being interfered?

    • Your transmission is being interfered with ____.
    • (1-Nil, 2-Slightly, 3-Moderately, 4-Severely, 5-Extremely.)
  11. QRN
    Are you troubled by static?

    • I am troubled by static _____. 
    • (1-Nil, 2-Slightly, 3-Moderately, 4-Severely, 5-Extremely.)
  12. QRO
    Shall I increase power?

    Increase power, please.
  13. QRP
    Shall I decrease power?

    Decrease power, please.
  14. QRQ
    Shall I send faster?

    Send faster (_____ WPM).
  15. QRR
    Are you ready for automatic operation?

    I am ready for automatic operation. Send at _____ WPM.
  16. QRS
    Shall I send more slowly?

    Send more slowly (_____ WPM).
  17. QRT
    Shall I stop sending?

    Stop sending.
  18. QRU
    Have you anything for me?

    I have nothing for you.
  19. QRV
    Are you ready?

    I am ready.
  20. QRW
    Shall I inform _____ that you are calling?

    Please inform _____ that I am calling.
  21. QRX
    When will  you call me again?

    I will call you again at _____ hours.
  22. QRY
    What is my turn?

    Your turn is number _____ .
  23. QRZ
    Who is calling me?

    You are being called by _____ .
  24. QSA
    What is the strength of my signals?

    The strength of your signals is _____ .

    • 1-Scarcely perceptible,
    • 2-Weak,
    • 3-Fairly Good,
    • 4-Good,
    • 5-Very Good)
  25. QSB
    Are my signals fading?

    Your signals are fading.
  26. QSD
    Is my keying defective?

    Your keying is defective.
  27. QSG
    Shall I send _____ messages at a time?

    Send _____ messages at a time.
  28. QSJ
    What is the charge to be collected per word to _____ including your international telegraph charge?

    The charge to be collected per word is _____ including my international telegraph charge.
  29. QSK
    Can you hear me between your signals and if so can I break in on your transmission?

    I can hear you between my signals, break in on my transmission.
  30. QSL
    Can you acknowledge receipt?

    I am acknowledging receipt.
  31. QSM
    Shall I repeat the last message which I sent you?

    Repeat the last message please.
  32. QSN
    Did you hear me on _____ kHz?

    I did hear you on _____ kHz.
  33. QSO
    Can you communicate with _____ direct or by relay?

    I can communicate with _____ direct (or by relay through _____.)
  34. QSP
    Will you relay to _____ ?

    I will relay to _____ ?
  35. QSQ
    Have you a doctor on board? (or is _____ on board?)

    I have a doctor on board (or ____ is on board.)
  36. QSU
    Shall I send or replay on this frequency?

    Send a series of Vs on this frequency.
  37. QSV
    Shall I send a series of Vs on this frequency?

    Send a series of Vs on this frequency.
  38. QSW
    Will you send on this frequency?

    I am going to send on this frequency.
  39. QSY
    Shall I change to another frequency?

    Change to another frequency.
  40. QSZ
    Shall I send each word or group more than once?

    Send each word or group twice (or _____ times).
  41. QTA
    Shall I cancel message number _____ ?

    Cancel message number _____ .
  42. QTB
    Do you agree with my counting of words?

    I do not agree with your counting of words. I will repeat the first letter or digit of each word or group.
  43. QTC
    How many messages have you to send?

    I have _____ messages for you.
  44. QTE
    What is my true bearing from you?

    Your true bearing from me is _____ degrees.
  45. QTG
    Will you send two dashes of 10 seconds each followed by your call sign?

    I am going to send two dashes of 10 seconds each followed by my call sign.
  46. QTH
    What is your location?

    My location is _____ .
  47. QTI
    What is your true track?

    My true track is _____ degrees.
  48. QTJ
    What is your speed?

    My speed is _____ km/h.
  49. QTL
    What is your true heading?

    My true heading is _____ degrees.
  50. QTN
    At what time did you depart from _____ ?

    I departed from _____ at _____ hours.
  51. QTO
    Have you left dock (or port) ?

    I have left dock (or port).
  52. QTP
    Are you going to enter dock (or port)?

    I am going to enter dock (or port).
  53. QTQ
    Can you communicate with my station by means of the International Code of Signals?

    I am going to communicate with your station by means of International Code of Signals.
  54. QTR
    What is the correct time?

    The time is _____ .
  55. QTS
    Will you send your call sign for _____ minutes so that our frequency can be measured?

    I will send my call sign for _____ minutes so that my frequency may be measured.
  56. QTU
    What are the hours during which your station is open?

    My station is open from _____ hours to _____ hours.
  57. QTV
    Shall I stand guard for you on the frequency of _____ kHz?

    Stand guard for me on the frequency of _____ kHz.
  58. QTX
    Will you keep your station open for further communication with me?

    I will keep my station open for further communication with you.
  59. QUA
    Have you news of _____ ?

    I have news of _____ .
  60. QUB
    Can you give me information concerning visibility, height of clouds, direction and velocity of grand wind at _____ ?

    Here is the information you requested......
  61. QUC
    What is the number of the last message you received from me?

    The number of the last message I received from you is _____ .
  62. QUD
    Have you received the urgency signal sent by _____ ?

    I have received the urgency signal sent by _____ .
  63. QUF
    Have you received the distress signal sent by _____ ?

    I have received the distress signal sent by _____ .
  64. QUG
    Will you be forced to land?

    I am forced to land immediately.
  65. QUH
    Will you give me the present barometric pressure?

    The present barometric pressure is _____ (units).
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