Neurologic System C24

  1. What are the two parts of the nervous system?
    Central and Peripheral
  2. A 65-year-old man has changes in his personality, and ability to understand. What part of the cerebral lobe is responsible for these behaviors? A. Frontal, B. Parietla, C. Occipital, D. Temporal
    Frontal lobe: has areas of responsibility for personality, behavior, emotions, and intellectual function.
  3. Which statement concerning the areas of the brain is true?

    C. the hypothalamus controls body temperature & regulators sleep
  4. The area of the nervous system that responsible for mediating reflexes? a. Medulla, b. cerebellum, c. spinal cord, d. cerebral cortex
    • c. spinal cord
    • *the main highway for ascending & descending fiber tracts that connect the brain to the spinal nerves; it is responsible for mediating reflexes.
  5. A patient with a lack of O2 to his heart will have pain in his chest & possibly in the shoulder, arms, or jaw. The nurse knows that the best explanation why this occurs is which one of these statements? 
    a. The lack of O2 in his heart has resulted in decreased amount of O2 to the areas experiencing the pain.

    b. A lesion has developed in the dorsal root, which is preventing the sensation from being transmitted normally.

    c. The sensory cortex does not have the ability to localize pain in the heart; consequently, the pain is felt elsewhere.

    d. A problem exists w/the sensory cortex & its ability to discriminate the location
    c. The sensory cortex does not have the ability to localize pain in the heart; consequently, the pain is felt elsewhere.
  6. What controls humans' ability to perform very skilled movements such as writing?
    a. Basal ganglia, b. Corticospinal tract, C. Spinothalamic tract, d. Extrapyramidal tract.
    • B. Corticospinal tract.
    • *Corticospinal fibers mediate voluntary movement, particularly very skilled, discrete, & purposeful movements, such as writing.
  7. A 30-year-old woman tells the nurse that she has been very unsteady & has had difficulty in maintaining her balance. Which area of the brain most concerns the nurse? 
    a. Thalamus, b. brainstem, c. cerebellum, d. extrapyramidal tract
    c. Cerebellum
  8. A 69-year-old patient has been admitted to an adult psychiatric unit because his wife thinks he is getting more and more confused.  He laughs when he is found to be forgetful, saying "I'm just getting old!"  After the nurse completes a thorough neurologic assessment which findings would be indicative of Alzheimer dz? (Select all that apply)
    a. Getting lost in one's own neighborhood
    b. Occasionally forgetting names or appts
    c. Sometimes having trouble finding the right word
    d. Misplacing items, such as putting dish soap in the refrigerator
    e. Difficulty performing familiar tasks, such as placing a phone call
    f. Rapid mood swings, from calm to tears, for no apparent reason.
    A, D, E, F
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