1. On what day does Lent begin?
    (Ash Wednesday)
  2. Fill in the Blank: Lent is the
    time before _____?
  3. How many days does Lent
    • (40 days not counting
    • Sundays)
  4. Why does Lent last 40 days?
    • (The 40 days recalls the 40
    • days Jesus spent in the
    • wilderness, fasting and being
    • tempted by Satan.)
  5. During Lent we fast. What does
    fasting mean?
    • (On Ash Wednesday and Good Friday you can
    • have one full meal. Some food can
    • be taken at the other regular meal times if
    • necessary, but combined they should be less
    • than a full meal.)
  6. What days do Catholics fast?
    • (Ash Wednesday and
    • Good Friday)
  7. During Lent, Catholics do
    abstinence. What is
    • (Abstinence means to not
    • eat meat.)
  8. On what days do Catholics do
    abstinence during Lent?
    • (On Fridays and on Ash
    • Wednesday.)
  9. When does Lent end?
    • (Holy Thursday or Maundy
    • Thursday just before the Mass
    • of the Lord’s Supper)
  10. What is the liturgical color
    for Lent?
  11. What day does the priest or
    other minister make the Sign of
    the Cross on your forehead
    with blessed ashes?
    (Ash Wednesday)
  12. What are the ashes made from
    for Ash Wednesday?
    • (Burning palm leaves which
    • have been saved from last
    • year’s Palm Sunday)
  13. What word is never sung or
    said at Mass during Lent?
  14. What is almsgiving?
    • (It means doing good for
    • others. That can be giving gifts
    • of money or help to others.)
  15. What are considered the three
    big Lenten practices?
    • (Prayer, fasting and
    • almsgiving)
  16. Fill in the Blank: The last
    Sunday of Lent
    begins _____ Week.
  17. Which day of the week is not
    included as part of the 40 days
    of Lent?
  18. What is the last week of Lent
    (Holy Week)
  19. What is placed on your
    forehead on the first day
    of Lent?
  20. Fill in the Blank: Lent is a
    season of prayer and fasting
    before _____.
  21. Why do we put ashes on our
    • (This act symbolizes our mortality
    • as well as our need for ongoing
    • repentance.)
  22. How is the date determined for the
    beginning of Lent?
    • (Easter is celebrated the first Sunday
    • after the first full moon of spring. To
    • determine the beginning of Lent, count
    • back six Sundays before Easter. The
    • Wednesday before the first of these
    • Sundays is Ash Wednesday.)
  23. Why do we pray the Stations of the
    Cross during Lent?
    • (To help the Christian faithful to
    • make a spiritual pilgrimage through
    • contemplation of the Passion of
    • Christ.)
  24. Which devotion has a special
    place during Fridays of Lent?
    (Stations of the Cross)
  25. Which feast day always
    comes during Lent?
    (St. Joseph’s Feast)
  26. Which is the last Sunday
    of Lent?
    (Palm Sunday)
  27. Lent is said to be of 40 days
    even though from Ash
    Wednesday to last Saturday of
    the season it is 46 days. Why?
    (Sundays are not included)
  28. What are the three days
    called after Lent?
    (Easter Triduum)
  29. How many Stations of the
    Cross are there?
  30. Fill in the Blank: The single
    celebration of the _____ marks the end
    of the Lenten season, and leads to the
    Mass of the Resurrection of the Lord at
    the Easter Vigil.
  31. Which day during Lent can the
    fast be put on hold?
  32. Which food is avoided every
    Friday of Lent?
  33. When during Lent is Holy
    (The last week)
  34. Lent is a special time of prayer,
    penance, sacrifice and good
    works in preparation of the
    celebration of _____.
  35. Palm Sunday commemorates
    which event?
    (Jesus entering Jerusalem)
  36. What is the fourth Sunday of
    Lent called?
    (Laetare Sunday)
  37. The fourth Sunday of Lent is
    celebrated with what color
  38. What is another name for
    Palm Sunday?
    (Passion Sunday)
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