Awesome Aquifers

  1. Awesome Aquifers
  2. What is a description of awesome aquifers?
    Students will construct + answer questions about groundwater concepts
  3. What is the team size and approx. time of awesome aquifers?
    Teams of up to 2 approx. 50 min
  4. What are the event parameters of awesome aquifers?
    Supervisor supplies score sheets, water, station 2 resources and station 3 building objectives. Students required to bring any materials needed to assemble an aquifer on-site. Entire aquifer housed in transparent container not bigger than 3 liters. Container can be cut or punctured in advance, but must be brought empty. Electric pumps/tools + commercial flow models not allowed. Cannot bring notes, texts, or references. Students responsible for taking + properly disposing of all materials used in assembly.
  5. What are some suggested material and possible concepts for awesome aquifers?
    • * Sand + gravel
    • * Modeling clay/ plumber?s putty
    • * Materials for wells + pumps (soap bottle pumps, aquarium tubing + plastic syringes
    • * Well-screening materials ex. nylon hose, cotton, coffee filetrs
    • * Sponge
    • * Aluminum foil and/or plastic wrap or sheeting
    • * Material (food coloring or powdered drink mix) to represent contaminants
    • * Remeditation materials like coffee filters, fabric squares, charcoal etc.
    • * Items useful in creating/demonstrating aquifer, but not part of it
  6. What is station 1 in awesome aquifers?
    written test on groundwater concepts and vocab (multiple choice, T/F, fill in the blank, short answer)
  7. What is Station 2 in awesome aquifers?
    written test using provided resources (multiple choice, T/F, fill in the blank, short answer)
  8. What is Station 3 in awesome aquifers?
    build aquifer to explain/demonstrate concepts chosen by event supervisors. May create notes here for station 4.
  9. How long do you get at each station in awesome aquifers?
    10 min
  10. What are possible concepts for awesome aquifers?
    Recharge, discharge, connection between surface and groundwater, groundwater contamination, remediation, and safe yield from aquifer
  11. What is Station 4 in awesome aquifers?
    Use aquifer built in station 3 to explain/demonstrate required concepts to a judhe. Info may be presented in any way or order, same demo can be used for multiple concepts, juadge may ask clarifying questions if time remaining
  12. How does scoring work in awesome aquifers?
    Highest score wins, station 1-25%, station 2-25%, and station 4 ? 50%. First tiebreaker: highest score at station 4. 2nd tiebreaker, highest score on pre-selected questions at stations 1 and 2. Answers must have units where appropriate
  13. What is awesome aquifers sponsored by?
    Groundwater foundation
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