1. Describe the event anatomy
    anatomy (structure + function) of muscular and respiratory systems, +the effects to aging and diseases on them
  2. How many people are on an antomy team and what is the approx. time?
    Teams of 2 approx. time: 50 min
  3. What are anatomy?s event parameters?
    each person brings a writing implement + may bring non-programmable, non-graphing calculator. Each team may bring 1 8.5?x11? double-sided page of notes w/ any info from any source, + plain List of Skeletal Muscles
  4. What is the competition in anatomy?
    know basic anatomy of muscular and respiratory systems + how aging and specific diseases affect them. may include data collection, making observations, inferences, predictions calculations, analyses and conclusions. May have various formats (timed stations, written, slides, etc.)
  5. What do you need to know for the Muscular system in anatomy (not nationals)?
    • * Interaction of skeletal + muscular systems to allow movement
    • * Muscle fibers ? cellular + gross anatomy of skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle
    • * Function + characteristics to muscle tissue
    • * Location, ID, + function of major skeletal muscles on List to Skeletal Muscles
    • * Effects of exercise on muscular system
    • * Muscle + tendon injuries + prevention
    • * Poliomyelitis, Muscular Dystrophies, Myasthenia gravis, myositis ? know on each level from cell ? whole person
    • * Effect of exercise on cellular + gross anatomical structure of muscular system
  6. Additionally, what other topics do you need to know for the Muscular system in anatomy at nationals?
    • * Location, origin, insertion + function of muscles on List of Skeletal Muscles
    • * Understand cellular components involved in muscle contraction + neuromuscular junction
    • * Understand muscle sensory systems
    • * Understand anatomy and roles in body and function of cardiac + smooth muscle
    • * Know additional diseases: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and tetanus
    • * Treatment + prevention of all diseases
  7. For the Respiratory system in anatomy, what do you need to know (not nationals)?
    • * Anatomy + organs + structure + function of respiratory system
    • * Mechanisms of pulmonary ventilation
    • * Patterns of breathing
    • * Measure of pulmonary ventilation
    • * Exercise + high altitude?s effects on respiratory system
    • * Understand disorders :COPD, asthma, emphysema, pneumonia, sleep apnea
  8. For the Respiratory system in anatomy, what do you need to know additionally for nationals?
    • * Know tuberculosis, pulmonary edema, bronchitis
    • * Treatment + prevention for all conditions
    • * Regulation of respiratory system
  9. How is scoring done in anatomy?
    Highest score wins. Selected questions/quality of free-response answers used to break ties
  10. Where can you get resources for anatomy?
    all resources available on Official Science Olympiad Store and Website at
  11. who sponsors anatomy?
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