1. What are three separate subsystems of the 3M system?
    • 1. Planned maintenance system (PMS),
    • 2. Maintenance data system (MDS),
    • 3. Intermediate maintenance management system (IMMS).
  2. What document contains a numerical listing of outstanding deficiencies for all work centers aboard ship?
    Current Ships Maintenance Project (CSMP).
  3. If a problem arises with a piece of equipment that cannot be repaired within thirty days, you must prepare a deferred action using what form?
    OPNAV Form 4790/2K
  4. If the problem with a piece of machinery is beyond ship's force repair capability what form must be filled out? OPNAV
    OPNAV Form 4790/2K
  5. Because of rapid changes in the 3-M system, you should refer to a current copy of what publication?
    OPNAVINST 4790.4 Series.
  6. PMS schedules are categorized in what manner?
    Cycle, Quarterly and Weekly.
  7. What schedule displays the planned maintenance requirements to be performed between major overhauls of the ship?
    Cycle schedule.
  8. Who signs and dates the PMS Cycle schedule?
    Engineer Officer (Department Head).
  9. Who updates the PMS Quarterly schedule weekly?
    Division Officer.
  10. How long are PMS Quarterly schedules maintained?
    1 year.
  11. Who fills out and posts the weekly PMS schedule?
    Divisional work center supervisor.
  12. Who signs the weekly PMS schedule?
    Division Officer.
  13. Who updates the PMS weekly schedule daily?
    Divisional work center supervisor.
  14. What form provides maintenance personnel with the means to report discrepancies and problems within the PMS system?
    PMS Feedback report form 4790/7B.
  15. Who receives the green copy of the PMS feedback report 4790/7B?
    Originating work center.
  16. Who receives and maintains the blue copy of the PMS feedback report?
    3-M Coordinator.
  17. Where is the blue copy of the PMS feedback report kept?
    In the 3-M Coordinator's suspense file.
  18. Who serializes the PMS feedback report?
    3-M Coordinator.
  19. Who receives the pink copy of the PMS feedback report?
  20. Urgent PMS feedback reports are sent via what?
    Naval message.
  21. The responsibility for development and overall policy governing management of the 3-M system is the responsibility of whom?
    Chief of Naval Operations (CNO).
  22. Who exercises overall responsibility for 3-M operation?
  23. Who exercises primary responsibility for the effective operation and support of the Ship's 3-M system under their claimancy?
  24. Who has the overall responsibility for ensuring ship maintenance is accomplished following 3-M system procedures and that the 3-M system functions effectively within the command?
    The'Commanding Officer.
  25. Who is the ship's 3-M system manager?
    The Executive Officer.
  26. The principal 3-M assistant to Executive Officer is whom?
    3-M Coordinator.
  27. When is the current ship's maintenance project (CSMP) verified and updated?
  28. The acronym MDP stands for what?
    Maintenance index page.
  29. What does the acronym LOEP stand for?
    What does the acronym LOEP stand for?

    Provides a listing of the maintenance index pages and system equipment not requiring PMS assigned to each work center.
  30. The acronym MDP stands for what?
    Maintenance index page.

    An index of a complete set of maintenance requirement cards applicable to a ship system, subsystem, or equipment.
  31. What does an "A" in the test column of a MIP indicate?
    Testing is to be performed by shore activity only.
  32. What is the "other" column used for on a MTP?
    Administrative use by FTSCLANT/FTSCPAC.
  33. Mandatory related maintenance requirements on the MIP are indicated by what?
    The symbol#.
  34. Who approves the recopying of a Quarterly PMS schedule?
    Division Officer.
  35. On the PMS Quarterly schedule what is listed in the "Next Four Weeks" column?
    All PMS requirements due in the next four weeks.
  36. What is OPNAV 4790/L used for?
    A supplemental form providing additional information such as drawings and listings used in conjunction with the 4790/2K.
  37. What form is used to report completion of alterations, maintenance actions that resulted in a configuration change?
    OPNAV 4790/CK.
  38. What is located in block 3 of OPNAV 4790/2K?
    Job sequence number.
  39. Block 35 of OPNAV 4790/2K contains what information?
    Remarks relating to the maintenance action.
  40. A priority code of 1 in block 41 of OPNAV 4790/2K means what?
  41. The NAVSUP form 1250 is used onboard what type of ships?
  42. What NAVSUP form is used on mechanized (automated) ships?
    DD form 1348.
  43. When a repair part is required and no NSN can be determined, the part must be ordered using what form?
    NAVSUP form 1348-6.
  44. Which form is used as a Ship submittal of Configuration Change?
    OPNAV 4790/CK.
  45. what form is designed to serve a dual purpose: as a custody record and an inventory control document?
    NAVSUP form 306.
  46. When is it mandatory to use NAVSUP form 306?
    When dealing with controlled equipage.
  47. Who is responsible for coordinating the QA training program?
    Quality assurance officer.
  48. When dealing with quality assurance, what does the acronym CWP mean?
    Controlled work package.
  49. What publication is used for all QA matters?
    Joint Fleet Maintenance Manual, CEVCLANTFLT/CEVCPACFLTINST 4790.3 Series.
  50. What is a Formal work package (FWP)?
    Written instructions prepared IAW JFMM 4790.3 for use in production and repair, delineating all essential elements and guidance necessary to produce acceptable and reliable results.
  51. A motor rewind would require what type of QA package?
    Formal work package.
  52. Who is responsible for directly supervising the preparation of a Formal Work Package?
    The Leading Petty Officer (LPO) in charge of the equipment.
  53. Who approves pen and ink changes to a Formal Work Package?
    The LPO/WCS or Division Officer responsible for affected step.
  54. How are pen and ink changes made to a Formal Work Package?
    By drawing a single line through the portion to be changed and entering the necessary change adjacent to that portion.
  55. Who does the craftsman notify if rework is required?
    The LPO or WCS.
  56. Who authorizes all rework steps in a Formal Work Package?
    The responsible officer.
  57. What is a Departure From Specifications (DFS)?
    A lack of compliance with any authoritative document, plan, procedure, or instruction.
  58. Who reviews a DFS for technical accuracy and signs the DFS?
    The Engineer Officer.
  59. DFSs are classified in what two groups?
    Minor and major.
  60. A major DFS requires approval from whom?
  61. Who approves a minor DFS?
  62. QA audits are conducted by the governing ISIC at what periodicity?
  63. What is the function of a vertical QA audit?
    To determine if a specific job or task has been completed in accordance with the required specifications.
  64. What is the function of a horizontal QA audit?
    To review one specific area or part of an area to ensure compliance with the governing requirements.
  65. What is the color of a QA non-nuclear ID/control tag?
    Green tag with black lettering.
  66. A QA controlled material rejection tag is what color?
    Red tag with black lettering.
  67. Who signs and dates the QA controlled material rejection tag?
    Division Officer.
  68. Who approves the QA controlled material rejection tag?
    Quality assurance officer (QAO).
  69. What form is used to report a DFS?
    QA Form 12.
  70. What QA form is used for testing and inspection?
    QA Form 17.
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