Word List 41

  1. resentment
    bitterness; indignation
  2. respite
    an interval of relief
  3. resplendent
    dazzling; gleaming
  4. restitution
    reparation; indemnification
  5. restive
    restlessly impatient
  6. resumption
    taking up again
  7. retentive
    holding; having a good memory
  8. retinue
    a following; attendants
  9. retiring
    modest; shy
  10. retort
    quick, sharp reply
  11. retrench
    to cut down (expenses); economize
  12. retroactive
    operative with respect to past occurances
  13. retrograde
    to degenerate; go backwards
  14. retrospective
    looking back on the past
  15. revelry
    boisterous merrymaking
  16. reverberate
    to echo; resound
  17. revile
    to vilify
  18. revulsion
    a strong feeling of repugnance, distaste or dislike
  19. rhapsodize
    to speak or write with enthusiasm
  20. rhetoric
    art of effective communication
  21. ribald
    wanton; profane
  22. prudish
    excessively modest; reserved; coy
  23. filibuster
    to obstruct (legislation) with delaying tactics
  24. rider
    amendment added to a legislative bill
  25. rife
  26. rigor
  27. rile
    to vex; irritate
  28. riveting
    absorbing; engrossing
  29. rivulet
    small stream
  30. robust
    vigorous; strong
  31. rococo
    highly decorated
  32. roil
    to disturb
  33. roseate
    rosy; optimistic
  34. rostrum
    platform for speech-making; pulpit
  35. rote
  36. rotunda
    circular building covered with a dome
  37. rotundity
    roundness; fullness
  38. rousing
  39. rout
    to drive out
  40. ruddy
  41. rudimentary
    undeveloped; elementary
  42. rue
    to regret; lament; mourn
  43. ruminate
    to chew again and again; to ponder
  44. rummage
    to ransack; thoroughly search
  45. runic
  46. uncouth
    rude; boorish
  47. rustic
    pertaining to country people; uncouth
  48. rusticate
    to dwell in the country
  49. sacrilegious
    desecrating; profane
  50. sacrosanct
    most sacred; inviolable
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