1. Full power and economy trials are conducted IAW what instruction?
    OPNAVINST 9094.1 Series
  2. All full power trials must be accomplished with what minimum percentage of liquid load onboard?
    75 Percent.
  3. What detrimental effects could occur to the propulsion plant if the full power trial is conducted in shallow water?
    Excessive vibration, loss of speed and overloading of the propulsion plant.
  4. During a full power trial, propulsion plant readings are taken at what interval?
    Every 15 minutes.
  5. What type of inspection is required when the propulsion plant has been idle for in excess of 120 days?
    Light-Off Examination (LOE).
  6. Who normally conducts a Light-Off Examination?
    ISIC with TYCOM epresentatives.
  7. Who does the Board of Inspection and Survey report its findings to?
    Chief of Naval Operations (CNO).
  8. The INSURV material inspection is conducted on all ships at what intervals?
    Every three years.
  9. After INSURV conducts a survey ordered by the CNO to determine a vessel's fitness for continued duty an opinion of findings is sent to whom?
    The Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV).
  10. After a shipyard overhaul ships are normally allotted how much time before conducting full power and economy trials?
    1 Month.
  11. Acceptance trial details are contained in what instructions?
    OPNAVINST 5420.7 Series and INSURVTNST 4730.8 Series.
  12. In preparation for INSURV ship's force personnel should use what document to prepare the ship?
    INSURVINST 4730.5 Series.
  13. The senior member of the INSURV Board submits a complete report of findings to whom?
    The president of the INSURV board.
  14. Whenever the CNO determines a ship to be unfit for further service because of its material condition, obsolescence, or other reasons who must survey the ship?
    The Board of INSURV.
  15. After a tender availability ships are normally allotted how much time before conducting full power and economy trials?
    2 weeks.
  16. The final contract trial of a ship is normally conducted by whom?
  17. What type of trial is conducted after major repairs to propulsion machinery have been made by a naval shipyard?
    Dock trial.
  18. What trial is conducted after the dock trial?
    Sea trials.
  19. What type of trial is conducted whenever the machinery of a vessel has undergone extensive overhaul, repair or alteration, which may affect the power or capabilities of the ship or machinery?
    Post repair trial.
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