1. ROFL
    Rolling on floor laughing
  2. STFU
    Shut the *swear word!* up
  3. ICYMI
    In case you missed it
  4. TL;DR
    Too long, didn’t read
  5. LMK
    Let me know
  6. NVM
  7. TGIF
    Thank goodness it’s Friday
  8. TBH
    To be honest
  9. TBF
    To be frank
  10. RN
    Right now
  11. QOTD
    Quote of the day
  12. OOTD
    Outfit of the day
  13. BRB
    Be right back
  14. BTW
    By the way
  15. LOL
    Laugh out loud
  16. TTYL
    Talk to you later
  17. HMU
    Hit me up
  18. FWIW
    For what it’s worth
  19. IMO
    In my opinion
  20. IMHO
    In my humble opinion
  21. IDK
    I don’t know
  22. TBA
    To be announced
  23. TBD
    To be decided
  24. EOD
    End of day
  25. FAQ
    Frequently asked question
  26. AKA
    Also known as
  27. ASAP
    As soon as possible
  28. DIY
    Do it yourself
  29. LMGTFY
    Let me Google that for you
  30. NP
    No problem
  31. N/A
    Not applicable or not available
  32. OOO
    Out of office
  33. TIA
    Thanks in advance
  34. ILY
    I love you
  35. MCM
    Man crush Monday
  36. WCW
    Woman crush Wednesday
  37. BF
  38. GF
  39. CTA
    Call to action
  40. UGC
    User-generated content
  41. SMS
    Short message service
  42. MMS
    Multimedia messaging service
  43. RCS
    Rich communication services
  44. ROI
    Return on investment
  45. CTR
    Click-through rate
  46. 5G
    5th generation, meaning the newest generation of mobile communications
  47. Text List
    The list of numbers you have legally obtained permission to text
  48. Text to Join
    A method people can use to opt into your text list
  49. Text to Win
    A contest you run through text message
  50. Text to Landline
    When you send or receive text messages on a landline phone
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