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  1. As a member of the management team how would you describe the ethos of the school to parents of perspective students.
    We will support and guide your child through his or her journey through our school. We have created an environment in which your child can flourish and develop and leave our school with the skill set required to cope with life after fingal community college.
  2. What strengths qualities experience skills do you believe will be necessary for the role? Give examples
    • Role model,
    • leader,
    • lead by example
    • team player
    • Empathy
  3. What aspect of the role would you find most challenging
  4. How would you evaluate your work as a teacher. How will you evaluate whether or not you are doing the post well.
    • Swot analysis on exam subject.
    • Scheme of work
    • Day to day evaluation
    • Setting targets
    • Meeting students needs
    • Reviewing how your classes went day to day.
    • Surveying of teachers
    • Collecting data
    • Meeting targets and if you don't what do you have to change to meet those targets
    • Feedback formal and informal
    • Verbal feedback
    • Surveys
    • Mentors
    • Critical friend
    • Set targets

    End of year review with senior management
  5. How does a school identify its most urgent planning needs
    • Inspection reports
    • Student needs
    • Improve of Facilities
    • Staff feed back
    • School self evaluation.
    • Parental input
  6. What is your vision big idea that would contribute to the development of this school over the next three years. Describe a realistic plan to achieve it.
    • The use of the mobile phone as an educational tool in the classroom only to be used in the classroom and phone not allowed to be used anywhere else.
    • Digital strategy team meet and put together a proposal
    • This is presented to staff with a disscussion to follow. Hopefully the staff buy in and a small sub team is formed.
    • A plan is put together and this is presented to all the parteners parents council student council and board of management. Start with 1 year group for a set period of time
    • Review progress formally and informally.

    If there are issues change plan to see what you can improve.

    Our acceptable user policy would also have to be reviewed.

    This would be introduced at the start of the academic year. The ground work would be done the year before. Every students phone would have to be registered and when regestired would then have acces to student wifi. Every phone has a unique iMac address.

    • Year 1 ground work and prep.
    • Year 2 1 year group Transition year.
    • Year 3 rest of school
  7. Can you describe a situation where you had to use a different style of communication.
    • Every day I would have to use different styles of communication.
    • In my role as ict co-coordinator. I would have to sometimes use a passive style and other tomes I would have to be assertive.

    • Teacher frustration with technology not working
    • The care of the computer rooms.
  8. 3 adjectives that colleagues would use to describe you
    • Caring
    • Diligent
    • Innovative
    • Honest
    • Diplomatic
    • Assertitive
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