Apost 2

  1. Capacity to meet the needs of the post
    • Knowledge and understanding of the skill sets needed.
    • Good communication
    • Empathy
    • Ability to bring people with me
    • Good organiser

    • Sharepoint
    • 1: presentation to whole staff
    • 2: formed a support group
    • 3: I gave cpd to the support group
    • 4: I explained my vision
    • 5: start off simply
    • 6: cpd organised for whole staff. I decided to split the staff into their subject departments.
    • 7: start off simply
    • 8: required dept to upload their subject departments meeting records to sharepoint.
    • 9: cpd was given throughout the year.
    • 10: I have continued to build in year 2 with dept uploading their schemes and asking them to develop their subject plans and store them on sharepoint.
    • 11: sharepoint is now being used by subject dept to share resources and collaborate. It was a slow burner and is still being developed and worked on.
  2. Overall development of the school.
    • Development of acceptable user policy for ict
    • Member of the board of management where I have had the opportunity to review our admissions policy
    • Development of a new computer room
    • Development of the wifi network
    • Development of school garden
    • Purchasing sound equipment for the school.
    • Development of science lab.
    • Monitoring evaluate and review
    • Maintenance of hardware and software in the school.
  3. Interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Ict co-ordinator
    • Good communicator
    • Good listener
    • Empathy
    • Non judgemental
    • Ability to understand teachers fears and difficulty.

    • Introduction of new software into the school
    • Bringing the reluctant teacher with you
    • Formal cpd and informal how are you getting on, can I help you.
    • Forming good relationships with staff.

    • One of the areas I have found is the reluctance of staff to take on new ideas and their can be a reluctance there a lot of times out of fear.
    • As an ict co- ordinator it is something that you have to really work hard at. Putting in place the supports to help the teacher to gain confidence in using the software.

    The change over from eportal to vsware. Getting teachers to change their mind set as regards using the software. Allowing them to vent their fruststracians and listening to the problems. One of the big problems was they didn't have enough time in class to take a role in their journal and on vsware. I wanted them to move away from taking their role in their journal and go online. They didn't trust the software.

    Through formal and informal support and evaluating the use of vsware every day and encouragement and making sure the software worked we built their trust and confidence.
  4. Organisation and management of school.
    Administration of vsware, eportal and facility

    • Class changes, organising exams and reports,
    • Passwords for parental access
    • As an apost organising substitution when deputy principal was out
    • Training of other apost holders in how to do substitution.

    Assistant exam secretary, assisted in the running of the state exams.

    Assisting admin staff in the use of vsware.

    As network administrator creating accounts for teachers and students in the school.

    As ict co-ordinator updating and maintaining hardware and software in the school

    Providing tech support for staff and students in the school.

    Attended Smt meetings
  5. School self evaluation
    • Steps involved,
    • Identify focus, gather evidence, analyse and make judgements , write and share improvement plan, put improvement plan into action, monitor actions and evaluate impact.

    Literacy : oracy 2nd years which I have incorporated into my teaching and learning.

    Numeracy: a 2nd year group evaluated, results were analysed and a plan was drawn up where a cross curricular approach and common language was used to do measurement. So each subject would use the same approach to measurement

    Assessment: continuous assessment

    • The way the school is going to develop reports is going to change. The comments are going to become more subject specific, vsware is going to be central to this approach and the long term aim is the school will produce paperless reports and parents will access the reports online.
    • Differentiation
    • This is a journey the school is on and we will have to continuously review and evaluate as we go.

    Again the

    School is being used
  6. E-Learning plan/ digital strategy
    • Teaching learning and assessment
    • Teacher professional learning
    • Leadership research and policy
    • Ict infrastructure
    • Government grant
    • Plan would be developed for year 1
  7. Jct
    8 principles, 8 key statements, 24 statements of learning.

    8 principles

    Learning to learn, choice and flexibility, quality, creativity and innovation, engagement and participation, continuity and development, inclusive education, well being.

    8key skills

    Being creative, being literate, being numerate, communication, managing information and thinking, managing myself, staying well, working with others.
  8. Looking at our school, a quality framework for teaching and learning.
    • Teaching and learning,
    • Leadership and management

    Effective practice and highly effective practice.

    The framework is used to underpin school self evaluation and school inspections.

    How the school impacts on students learning outcomes and experiences.

    Well being is intrinsic to the holistic view of learning both as an outcome of learning and as an enabler of learning.

    Excellence in teaching is the most powerful influence on student achievement.
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