Chp3 MT Quiz

  1. The prefix dys- means

    B. difficult
  2. The prefix in afebrile means:

    B. without
  3. The prefix para- means

    C. beside
  4. The prefix con- mean together or, as in the term concentration, it means: 

    C. with
  5. The prefix supra- means above and: 

    B. beyond
  6. Parasternal means pertaining to _________ the sternum. 

    A. beside
  7. The prefix ambi- means

    B. both
  8. The prefix eu- in the term eupnea means: 

    D. good
  9. The man was diagnosed with bradypnea which means his breathing is: 

    A. slow
  10. Circum- is a prefix which means: 

    A. around
  11. What word means pertaining to outside the eye? 

    C. extraocular
  12. What is the meaning of the prefix nulli-? 

    C. none
  13. The term polydactyly means pertaining to _________ fingers or toes. 

    D. many
  14. What is the meaning of the prefix bi- as in the term bifurcate? 

    C. two
  15. The prefix hemi- means

    A. half
  16. The term intermediary means pertaining to occurring __________ two periods of time. 

    A. between
  17. The prefix pseudo- means

    B. false
  18. The prefix epi- does not mean

    B. backward
  19. You are asked to concentrate on your school work. This means you should get ______ studying. 

    A. with
  20. The prefix contra- means: 

    D. against
  21. In the term premenstrual, the prefix pre- means: 

    D. before
  22. In the term anicteric, the prefix an- means:

    A. without
  23. The medical term epigastric means pertaining to the region __________ the stomach. 

    A. above
  24. The prefix milli- means: 

    D. one-thousandth
  25. The prefix oligo- means

    B. scanty
  26. The prefix hypo- means

    C. below
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