Working life

  1. To join the staff
    Присоединится к колективу
  2. Aspects of the job
    Аспекты для этой работы
  3. To go part-time
    Перейти на не полный рабочий день
  4. To do a job share (with another my colleague)
    Situation where two people share equal parts of the same job
  5. Lay off staff
    Dismiss staff because there is no work for them to do
  6. Volume of work
    Обьем работы
  7. Earn a good living
    Хорошо зарабатывать
  8. To practice medicine
    Work as a doctor
  9. To carve a niche for myself
    Make a special position for myself
  10. Opposite number
    Someone doing the same job in a different location
  11. To take up the post
    To start work
  12. To hold that position for a number of years
    Я оставался на той должности много лет
  13. I am open to offers
    Я открыт для предложений
  14. Putting together my CV (curriculum vitae)
    Объединяя свое резюме
  15. To get a Tempting offer
    Получить заманчивое предложение
  16. (I was put on) a fast-track scheme
    System for rapid training and promotion of talented staff
  17. To have a change of heart
    My attitude or mood changed
  18. Get my priorities right
    Give importance to the right aspects of life
  19. To take priority over sth/ being with family should take priority over my job
    Be more important to me than
  20. To move sb up the ladder
    Be promoted
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