about my family

  1. Take after
    Look or behave as older member in one's family
  2. Run in the family
    Be found very often in family
  3. Look up to
    To respect smb
  4. Follow in sb's footsteps
    To do the same job or activity as sb did them before you
  5. In my blood
    It's strong part of your character
  6. Know sth inside out
    To have perfect knowledge of something
  7. Show sb the ropes
    To show or teach sb carefully what to do and how to do
  8. Let oneself in for
    Involve onself into difficult or unpleasant situation
  9. To be nothing like
    To be a world apart/to be different
  10. To get my own back by+noun, verb+ing
    Do unpleasant things for another person who did sth unpleasant to you
  11. Stay out
    Гулять с друзьями до поздна
  12. Stay in
    You stay at hom an don't go out
  13. Stay up doing sth
    You go to bed late
  14. Grow into sth
    Gradually develop into particular kind of person
  15. Turn a blind eye
    Pretend not to see or notice sth usually sth bad
  16. Grow up
    Develop into adult
  17. Get into trouble
    Get into a situation in which you may be punished
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