youth and age

  1. A child prodigy
    Young genius
  2. To pandere to smb every whim
    To allow smb to do things that smb wants even they aren't appropriate
  3. Spoilt brat
    Unpleasant child who behaves awfully
  4. Disaffected youth
    Young people who don't accept society's values
  5. Juvenile delinquent
    Малолетный преступник
  6. To see the error of one's ways
    Understand ones mistakes
  7. Take smb for granted
    Not value smb
  8. To go through a midlife crisis
    Period of dissatisfaction in the middle of one's life
  9. To feel one's age
    To feel as old as you are
  10. Occasional twinge
    A Seldom slight ache
  11. Senior moment
    Moment of fogetfulness
  12. A grumpy old man
    An old man who is always complaining about things
  13. Rekindle memories
    Bring back memories
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youth and age