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  1. 5 approved methods for production for US gin
    • Original distillation from mash
    • Redistillation of distilled spirits
    • Mixing neutral spirits with botanicals
    • Mixing netral spirits with bontanical extracts'
    • Mixing gin with neutral spirits
  2. Requirements for American whisky to be "Bottled in Bond"
    • Production of 1 distillation season
    • Aged in a federally bonded warehouse for a min. of 4 years
    • No additives (besides water)
  3. Juniper-flavored spirit produced mainly in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia
  4. Two sets of laws that define Irish Whiskey
    • Irish Whiskey Act of 1980
    • Technical Standards of 2015
  5. Term for the fast-growing flower stalk of the agave plant
  6. What style of rum is Thomas Tew?
    • New England-Style
    • Other examples: Privateer True American Rum, Prichards's Fine Aged Rum
  7. Three types of South African brandy
    • Pot Still Brandy
    • Blended Brandy
    • Vintage Brandy
  8. French product that has PGI status for absinthe
    Absinthe de Pontarlier
  9. Traditional Irish grain-based spirit drink, awarded a PGI in 2008
    Irish Poitín PGI
  10. Sugarcane distillate produced in Michoacán, Mexico
  11. Method of filtration often used to remove visual "haziness" in an aged spirit
    Chill filtration
  12. Year the "Whiskey Excise Tax" was introduced in the US
  13. What is dunder?
    • The yeast-rich "leftovers" that remain in the still after distillation is complete
    • Sometimes re-used in the next round of fermentation
    • Associated with the rum culture of Jamaica
  14. Traditional Czech spirit produced from potatoes or sugar beets
  15. Minimum abv % of EU gin
  16. Five countries that have PGI status for vodka
    • Poland
    • Estonia
    • Lithuania
    • Sweden
    • Finland
  17. Type of oak extract allowed for use in Cognac
  18. PGI gin produced in Spain
    Gin de Mahón
  19. French gentian liqueur produced in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region
    Salers (Salers Aperitif La Bounoux Gentiane)
  20. EU standards for aromatized wines: wine base, abv
    • Minimum 75% wine (before enhancement)
    • 15.5-22% abv
    • Extra-Dry min: 15% abv
    • Dry: min 16% abv
  21. Four categories of apples used in Calvados
    • Acidic/sour
    • Bitter
    • Sweet
    • Bittersweet
  22. King of England who lowered taxes on English spirits
    King William III (William of Orange) reigned 1689-1702
  23. Grappa produced for a mono-varietal wine
  24. Mild quinquina, produced in Podensac (Bordeaux) since 1887
  25. Approved flavorings for EU anise-flavored spirits
    • Star anise
    • Green anise
    • Licorice root
    • Fennel
    • (+ other similar plants)
  26. Controversial chemical compound found in absinthe
  27. Country of origin of Flor de Caña
  28. Five leading grapes used to produce Chilean Pisco
    • Moscatel: Muscat of Alexandria
    • Moscatel Rosado: Pink Muscat
    • Moscatel de Austria: Torrontés Sanjuanino
    • Moscatel Amarillo: Torontel
    • Pedro Jiménez: PX
  29. Baijiu often called "five grain drink"
  30. EU definition of London Dry Gin
    Distilled gin with < 0.1 g/L sugar
  31. Tennessee distillery that is exempt from the charcoal filtration requirement
    Benjamin Prichard's Distillery
  32. Agin requirements for Rhum Agricole Martinique Vieux
    Minimum 3 years aging in oak barrels with a capacity under 650 liters (171 gallons)
  33. Producer of Vermut Negre
    Casa Mariol: made from 100% Catalan Macabeu (aka Viura) grapes fermented in stainless steel tanks
  34. Traditional morello cherry liqueur of Portugal
  35. Dates of England's "Gin Craze"
  36. Congener in vodka that may give a "fruity or floral" character
    Ethyl laurate
  37. Producer of Hammer Head Whisky
    Pradlo Distillery in the Czech Republic
  38. Five basic steps of whiskey production
    • Mash/wort preparation
    • Fermentation
    • Distillation
    • Maturation
    • Blending/Blottling
  39. Leading region for the production of Chilean Pisco
    The Elqui Valley: located in the Coquimbo region
  40. Traditional style of distillation for Armagnac
    • Small-scale continuous stills
    • Distilled to 52-72% abv but usually about 60%
  41. Licorice-like aroma compound found in anise and similar plants
  42. Clear, unaged akvavit
    Taffel Akvavit
  43. Country of origin for Diplomático Rum
  44. Minimum required aging for Chilean Pisco
    • Must "rest" for at least 60 days
    • Wood aging is allowed but not required
  45. Required ingredients for "mixto" tequila
    • Minimum 51% Blue Agave
    • The remaining 49% may be any non-agave sugar (typically molasses, cane sugar, or corn syrup)
  46. Basque product made from anise-flavored spirit and sloe berries
    Pacharán: aka Patxaran
  47. Minimum solera aging time for Brandy de Jerez Solera
    6 months
  48. Minimum solera aging time for Brandy de Jerez Solera Reserva
    1 year
  49. Italian herbal liqueur originally produced in Benevento
  50. Carpano vermouth designated as vermouth con bitter (vermouth chinato)
    Carpano Punt e Mes
  51. Grain bill and distillation for Irish Grain Whiskey
    • Maximum 30% malted barley
    • Continuous distillation
  52. Unique style of Irish Whiskey produced by the Cooley Distillery
    Peated: Coonemara Peated SIngle Malt Irish Whiskey
  53. Aging requirements for Rhum Agricole Martinique Élevé Sous Boisé
    Minimum 1 year in oak barrels
  54. Allowed "mellowing agents" for use with tequila
    • Caramel coloring
    • Natural oak/Encino oak extract
    • Glycerin
    • up to 76 g/L sugar syrup
    • Maximum for all combined: 1% by volume
  55. Barley shochu
  56. Sweet potato shochu
  57. 3 requirements for Mezcal Artesanal
    • Agave must be cooked in pits (not stainless steel)
    • Fermentation must take place in a traditional vessel (wood, clay, earthenware, or animal skin)
    • Distillation must be fueled by direct fire
  58. 5 requirements for Mezcal Ancestral
    • Agave must be cooked in pits
    • Fermentation must take place in a traditional vessel
    • Distillation must be fueled by direct fire
    • Milling must use a traditional method (e.g. stone wheel or wooden bats)
    • Bagazo must be used
  59. 4 types of Chilean Pisco
    • Pisco Corriente: min. 30% abv
    • Pisco Especial: min. 35% abv
    • Pisco Reservado: min. 40% abv
    • Gran Pisco: min. 43% abv
  60. Type of Chinchona bark often used in Barolo Chinato
    Calisaya bark
  61. PGI gin of Lithuania
    Vilnius Gin
  62. Grain bill and distillation requirements for Single Grain Scotch
    • Produced at a single distillery
    • Malted barley + other grains
    • Any method of distillation
  63. American anise-flavored liqueur created in New Orleans (1934)
  64. Approved areas of production for PGI Genever
    • The Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • France (2 departments)
    • Germany (some areas)
  65. Distillation/aging requirements for Calvados Pays d'Auge AOC
    • Must be distilled twice in an alembic pot still
    • Minimum 2 years oak aging
  66. Required style of distillation for Peruvian Pisco
    • Pot still
    • Bottled at distillation strength
  67. Required bottling strength for Peruvian Pisco
    38%-48% abv
  68. Two tequila-producing region in Jalisco
    • The Amatitán: Lowlands
    • Los Altos: Highlands
  69. Traditional base ingredient used in Polish vodka
    Rye or potato
  70. Indonesian spirit made using sugarcane and red rice
    Batavia Arrack
  71. Pomace brandy made throughout Portugal
  72. What are the production requirements for Bourbon?
    • Made in the US
    • Min. 51% corn
    • Distilled at a max of 80% abv (160 proof)
    • Bottled at a min of 40% abv
    • Matured at max of 62.5% abv (125 proof) in charred, new oak barrels
  73. Country of origin for Wray & Nephew Rum
  74. Definition of EU brandy
    • Grapes
    • Distilled at a max of 94.8% abv (189.6 proof)
    • Aged for min 6 months is small oak barrels or min 1 year in any oak container
  75. Large, closed containers, as used for fermentation in Scotland
  76. German juniper-flavored spirit drink produced by H.W. Schlichte
  77. What was the original brand of Bourbon?
    Forester (Old Forester): created by George Garvin Brown in 1870
  78. A tall flowering herb whose stems and ribs are used to add earthy aroma to gin
  79. The six processess of oak aging that occur simultaneously
    • Extraction
    • Evaporation
    • Oxidation
    • Concentration
    • Filtration
    • Coloration
  80. Distillery that owns the last fully-working wooden Coffey Still
    Demerara Distillers
  81. What is the minimum aging time for Canadian whisky?
    3 years in wood
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