Util ch 2

  1. SWOT analysis
    Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities a, and threats.....questions asked in a matrix
  2. Documents that describe, instruct, and direct work results
  3. Also known as on-conditions maintenance, which directs resources based on actual field conditions
    Predictive maintentence
  4. Process where trees growing significantly faster than most other trees are pruned at approximately half the scheduled maintenance cycle length, enabling a longer interval for slower growing trees
    Mid cycle pruning
  5. Predictive strategy designed to target trees as close a possible before they interfere with facilities
    Just in time management
  6. Process by which limited tree work is scheduled on a specific area of the network where shorts or outages are occurring
  7. Completing all necessary line clearance on a feeder or circuit basis
    Circuit work
  8. Distribution cycle work performed within a specified geographic region
    Grid work
  9. In project management a concept showing showing the interrelation of the resources of time, cost, and scope often depicted in a constraint triangle
    Triple constraint
  10. Depiction of the concept of triple constraint in project management , consisting of time, cost, and scope
    Constraint triangle
  11. Project management stratification of the entire scope of work needed to accomplish a projects objectives
    Work breakdown structure
  12. the longest period of time a series of tasked requires from project beginning to end is the
    Critical path
  13. The relationships that dictate when tasks in the work breakdown structure begin and end
  14. Three types of dependencies
    Mandatory, discretionary, external
  15. Mandatory dependency
    One task cant begin until another activity has ended
  16. Discretionary dependecy
    Ex. One before the other: ie 3 phase before starting single phase
  17. External dependency
    Relationship between a task under the Direction of a project management team and an action outside of their control. Ex; must wait for federal authorization
  18. Means to justify the allocation of resources, set priorities, and make decisions regarding what can and cannot be accomplished
  19. Accounting configuration for expenditures that do not generate income
    Cost center
  20. Sources of revenue that can be a product, service, region or distribution channel
    Profit centers
  21. Costs that are stuck in the short term
    Fixed expenses
  22. Fixed operations expenses don’t decline when when sales fall. The only way to reduce fixed costs is to ____
    Downsize, lay offs, sell office space
  23. Costs that can be clearly attributed to a single organizational unit
    Direct cost, ex is tree crew labor
  24. Cost That cant be associated with a specific project demand
    Indirect cost, ex is travel of an executive or program manager
  25. Utilities have 2 predominant budgetary classifications
    Capital budgets and operational
  26. Monetary outlays for relatively large sums of money invested over multiple years.
    Capital budget
  27. The process of accounting for economic losses caused when capital assets wear out over time.
  28. Costs that Change according to the level of activity during a set period of time
    Variable costs
  29. Evenly spreads out costs over an items expected life span
    Straight line depreciation
  30. Investments lose value more quickly when they are new than after they age; books greater amounts in the years immediately after and item is purchased the an when it is older
    Accelerated depreciation
  31. Advantage of this depreciation is that it provides more conservative profit performance estimates and it reduces income tax liabiltities in early life of assets
    Accelerated depreciation
  32. Finance day to day activities including salaries, rent, utilities, and supplies
    Operating and maintenance budgets
  33. Cromptons 5 operational budget formats
    • 1 line-item budgeting - allocates by itemizing
    • 2 performance- goals and objectives involves mission statements and performance measures
    • 3 program - line items organized into programs not accounts
    • 4 zero based - variation of program results driven “decision packaging”
    • 5 entrepreneurial - expenditure control, target based, envelope
  34. Most common type of operational budgeting in veg management
  35. Are expenditure control, target based or envelope budgeting, most common type of budgeting for VM provides the most responsibility for managers.
    Entrepreneurial budgeting
  36. Communication between vegetation managers, contractors, supervisors, and workers should be both _____ and. _______
    Written and verbal
  37. Long term planning is ____, while short term planning is. ______
    Strategic, tactical
  38. ______ are documents that describe, instruct, and direct work results
  39. Research has shown that trees are more likely to cause outages on ______-phase lines than on ____-phase lines
    Three, single
  40. A results based strategy designed to target trees as close as possible to the time that they interfere with facilities is known as ___-____-____ management
    Just in time
  41. ____ _____ structure is a prioritized outline of job components that must be completed for a successful project outcome
    Work breakdown
  42. For most utilities , vegetation management departments are considered _____ _____ that do not generate income
    Cost centers
  43. Purchases of equipment or line construction are considered ____ expenses, whereas supply purchases or salaries are considered _____ expenses.
    Capital, operating
  44. Time and material contracts, which are based on hourly rates for labor and equipment, are generally _____ risk for contractors and ____ risk for utilities
    Low, high
  45. ____ _____ contracts are gaining popularity because the responsibility for productivity, work planning, and scheduling, rests with the contractor.
    Unit price
  46. Depreciation can be either ____ - _____, in which costs are spread out over the lifetime of an item, or __________, in which the amount of depreciation taken is higher immediately after the purchase of an item.
    Straight-line, Accelerated
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