Nutrition and Fitness Concepts

  1. What influences our food choices
    • Hunger 
    • Appetite
    • Emotion
    • Environment
  2. Hunger vs Appetite
    • Hunger: Natural physical drive to eat
    • Appetite: Desire for food, not because you’re hungry
  3. Types/Roles of Carbs
    Simple: sugar(fructose and lactose), naturally in fruits, added to processed foods

    Complex: long chains of sugars linked together, found in grain products

    Fibers: tough carb that cannot be digested, found fruits, veggies, and grains; makes you feel full

    Carbs are used for energy
  4. Types/Roles of Proteins
    Nonessential Amino Acids: amino acids produced by your body; 11 of them

    Essential Amino Acids: produced by other things that we eat; 9 of them

    Basic building blocks for cells
  5. Types of Fat/Fats of Proteins
    Unsaturated Fats: healthier, lowers risk of heart disease

    Saturated: unhealthy, too much can increase risks of heart disease

    Trans Fat: formed by hardened veggie oil; more saturated when formed; increases cholesterol
  6. List/Roles/Food sources of Vitamins
    Image Upload 2Image Upload 4
  7. List/Roles/Food sources Of Minerals
    Image Upload 6
  8. Role of Water
    • Moving food through the digestive system
    • digesting carbs and protein
    • transporting nutrients and removing wastes 
    • storing and releasing heat
    • cooling the body through perspiration 
    • cushioning the eyes, brain, and spinal cord
    • lubricating the joints
  9. Types of Fad Diets
    Miracle foods: burning fat with certain type of food

    Magic Combinations: losing weight with a combination of certain foods

    Liquid Diets: replacing solid foods with liquids

    Diet pills: pills that help you lose weight

    Fasting: not eating to lose weight
  10. Elements of Fitness
    Cardio endurance: the ability of the cardiovascular system to send oxygen to your tissue during exercise

    Muscular strength: amount of force your muscles can exert

    Muscular endurance: ability to perform with your muscles

    Flexibility: ability to move muscles through full range of muscles

    Body Composition: ratio of fat to lean tissue
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