JZB1 Study Guide

  1. Out of Service
    Equipment will remain out
  2. OK TO
    Specific action on equipment
  3. Communication
    Clearly and correctly
  4. Equipment connecting adjoining clearances
    Operator can operate with permission LD
  5. Above 7.5kv
    Equipment must be grounded before touching normally energized equipment
  6. H
    Not used for ATPs
  7. 3 secondary clearances
    Only 1 ATP required on disc
  8. Overlapping point of two adjacent clearances
    2 APTs on that of disc required
  9. Orange blocking cap
    Is an obstacle to prevent accidental operation of CB/LID handles
  10. Disc projecting grounds
    Has two DNO tags with same number as ground APT
  11. Reg
    Is not an authorized abbreviation
  12. Out of service stamp
    Is done in blue or black ink
  13. Primary clearance
    In the field automatically gets a slash
  14. Emergency Switching
    Limit station inspection to equipment involved in switching
  15. If crew is needed elsewhere
    The crew may leave and the operator must perform a Type 1 inspection prior to switching
  16. Generator
  17. Ammeter secondary
    5 amps
  18. Best Insulator
    Lets smallest amount of current through
  19. OK TO work hot on a 4.8kv feeder
    AP number comes from LD
  20. Not available for service
    Emergency use only
  21. Load Bonus
    • Load current feature
    • Step type regulator
  22. Most fault will occur
    When regulator is one step off neutral
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JZB1 Study Guide
JZB1 Study Guide