1. The six Crus of Cognac
    • Grande Champagne
    • Petite Champagne
    • Borderies
    • Fins Bois
    • Bon Bois
    • Bois Ordinaires
  2. A distillate, produced via the first stage of Cognac distillation, with an abv of 28-32%
  3. Term for the second-stage distillation of Coganc
    Bonne Chauffe
  4. Very old cognacs are sometimes put into these glass containers
  5. Minimum aging requirement for Cognac
    2 years in oak
  6. The three Crus of Armagnac
    • Bas-Armagnac
    • Ténarèze
    • Haut-Armagnac
  7. Minimum wood aging requirement for Armagnac
    1 year
  8. Minimum wood aging for Hors d’Âge Armagnac
    10 years
  9. Main grape variety used in Brandy de Jerez
  10. Three categories of spirits used to produce Brandy de Jerez
    • Holandas
    • Aguardiente
    • Destilado
  11. Aging system used for Brandy de Jerez
    The solera system
  12. Four styles of Chilean Pisco, as categorized by minimum abv
    • Pisco Corriente or Tradicional: 30% min abv
    • Pisco Especial: 35% min abv
    • Pisco Reservado: 40% min abv
    • Gran Pisco: 43% min abv
  13. Required range of abv for Peruvian Pisco
    38-48% abv
  14. 4 styles of Peruvian Pisco
    • Pisco Puro
    • Pisco Acholado
    • Pisco Mosto Verde
    • Pisco Aromatico
    • Note: other types exist as well, but these 4 appear in the SG
  15. Grape brandy produced in the Champagne region
    Fine de la Marne
  16. Minimum aging requirement for California (grape) brandy
    2 years in oak containers
  17. 3 types of South African Brandy
    • Pot Still Brandy
    • Blended Brandy
    • Vintage Brandy
  18. German brandy that has been aged for a minimum of six months in wood
    Alter Weinbrand: "old brandy"
  19. German brandy that has been aged for a minimum of one year in wood
    Uralt Weinbrand: "ancient brandy"
  20. Pomace brandy produced in France
    Eau-de-vie de marc
  21. Pomace brandy produced in Italy
  22. Three AOCs for Calvados
    • Calvados AOC
    • Calvados Pays d'Auge AOC
    • Calvados Domfrontais AOC
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