Vocab. Workshop Level B

  1. near, next to, adjoining
  2. to get down from, step down from, to come down form the air, land
  3. not productive, bare
  4. What best describes the word: disrupt:

    A. to break-up
  5. What word means a powerful family or group of rulers that maintains its position or power for some time?

    B. dynasty
  6. foretaste

    A. sample, warning
  7. To begin to grow, come into being:

    A. germinate
  8. ordinary, dull, routine, without variation

    B. humdrum
  9. insinuate:

    C. to suggest or hint slyly
  10. interminable

    B. endless, ceaseless
  11. to rush violently, clash headlong; to fling or hurl forcefully
  12. to ask questions, examine by questioning:

    B. interrogate
  13. recompense:

    A. to pay back, to give a reward
  14. renovate:

    B. to repair, restore to good condition
  15. The _____________________student sat down in the back of the classroom.

    B. sullen
  16. The water began to____________________from the rusty old pipe.

    A. trickle
  17. not important, minor, ordinary

    C. trivial
  18. truce:

    A. a pause in fighting, temporary peace
  19. The job applicant gave a copy of her______________to the person in charge of the employment agency.

    B. resume
  20. Synonym for boldfaced word: chased by the savage dog

    C. vicious
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