reproductive system 2

  1. the female urethra has ____ functions and is about ____ centimeters long
    1 function and 4 centimeters long
  2. two functions of the male urethra
    passage for urine and passage for sperm
  3. male membranous urethra extends through the ___
    urogenital diaphragm
  4. the corpus spongiosum surrounds the ____ urethra in the male penis
  5. three segments of the male urethra
    spongy, membranous and prostatic
  6. female gametes are called secondary _____
  7. shortest segment of the male urethra
  8. the male gametes are_____
  9. what is the male gonad?
  10. the ovaries are located in the ______ cavity _____ to the uterus
    pelvic, lateral
  11. which part of the male urethra is immediately inferior to the urinary bladder?
  12. the mesovarium connects each ovary to the ______ ligament
  13. adult ovaries are approximately the size of _____
    an almond
  14. the ______ ligament connects the ovary to the lateral portion of the uterus
  15. ovarian follicles are found within the _____ of the ovary
  16. alternative names for uterine tubes
    fallopian tubes and oviducts
  17. an ovarian follicle is composed of an_____ surrounded by follicle cells
  18. fingerlike extensions of the uterine tube are called _____
  19. where does fertilization usually occur?
    ampulla of the uterine tube
  20. what structure in the mother's body helps form the placenta around the fetus?
  21. portion of the uterus immediately superior to the cervix_____
  22. the fimbriae are fingerlike extensions of the _____ of the uterine tube
  23. the cervix projects inferiorly into the _____
  24. the ____ is the expanded region of the uterine tube medial to the infundibulum
  25. where does implantation of the pre-embryo usually occur?
  26. the external os is _____ to the internal os
  27. the most inferior portion of the uterus is the_____
  28. what is the narrow channel within the cervix called?
    cervical canal
  29. the ______ ligaments connect the inferior portion of the uterus posteriorly to the sacrum
  30. the myometrium of the uterus contains_____
    smooth muscle
  31. what is the deepest layer of the endometrium?
    basal layer
  32. layers of the vagina
    mucosa, muscularis, and adventitia
  33. which layer of the uterus are the uterine glands found?
  34. which hormones influence the growth of the functional layer of the endometrium?
    estrogen and progesterone
  35. functions of the vagina
    canal for birth, passageway for menstruation and receives penis during intercourse
  36. the mons pubis is found immediately anterior to the _____
    pubic symphysis
  37. which ligaments connect the uterus to the labia majora?
    round ligaments
  38. what is the name of the hood-like covering over the clitoris?
  39. the secretory product of the mammary gland is called ____
    breast milk
  40. which endometrial layer is shed during menstruation?
    stratum functionalis
  41. the female external genitalia are also called____
  42. lobes of the mammary glands are divided into _____, which are further divided into _____
    lobules, alveoli
  43. ligaments that connect the uterus to the labia majora
    round ligaments
  44. structures that breast milk would pass through before exiting at the nipple
    • 1. alveoli
    • 2. lactiferous ducts
    • 3. lactiferous sinuses¬†
    • (nipple)
  45. what is the function of the scrotum?
    provide a cooler temperature for the testes
  46. _____ ligaments run from the sides of the cervix and the superior vagina to the pelvic wall
    transverse cervical
  47. ______ muscle is found in the wall of the scrotum just underneath the fascia
  48. testis have approximately _____ separate lobules
  49. what is the ridge-like seam along the midline of the scrotum called?
  50. sequence structures of sperm cell passing from its origin in the testis until it exits
    • 1. epididymis
    • 2. Ductus deferens
    • 3. Ejaculatory duct
    • 4. Prostatic urethra¬†
    • 5. Membranous urethra
    • 6. Spongy Urethra
  51. what are the support cells within the seminiferous tubules called?
    sustentacular cells
  52. what tissue are the efferent ductules lined with?
    ciliated columnar epithelia
  53. the ejaculatory duct opens into the ______ urethra
  54. the rete testes are connected to the epididymis by the ______ ductules
  55. when stretched completely out, the duct of the epididymis is approximately 4 to 5 _______ in length
  56. the ductus deferens travels through the inguinal canal and enters the ________
    pelvic cavity
  57. from a testis, sperm directly enter an______
  58. the ______ gland produces seminalplasmin and PSA
  59. which part of the epididymis lies on the superior surface of a testis?
  60. what gland produces mucus that lubricates the urethra prior to ejaculation?
    bulbourethral gland
  61. anatomical term for the tip of the penis is called____
  62. seminal vesicles are located on the _____ surface of the urinary bladder
  63. the ejaculatory duct is formed by the merging of the ductus deferens and the _____
    seminal vesicle
  64. which erectile body of the penis is paired?
    corpus cavernosum
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