Intro to anatomy and physiology

  1. Anatomy
    Scientific discipline that investigates the bodies structure
  2. Physiology
    Scientific investigation of the processes or functions of living things
  3. Gross/macroscopic anatomy
    Structures examined without a microscope
  4. Regional
    studied by area
  5. Systemic
    studied by system
  6. Surface
    external form and relation to deeper structures as x-ray in anatomic imaging
  7. Microscopic
    Structures seen with the microscope
  8. Cytology
    Cellular anatomy
  9. Histology
    Study of tissues
  10. What does physiology determine?
    The dynamic nature of living things
  11. Cell physiology
    examines processes in cells
  12. Neurophysiology
    Focuses on the nervous system
  13. What is the chemical level?
    interaction of atoms
  14. Cell level
    Structural and functional unit if living organisms
  15. Tissue level
    group of similar cells and the materials surrounding them
  16. Organ level
    one or more tissues functioning together
  17. Organ system level
    One or more tissues functioning together
  18. What are the characteristics of life?
    • Organization
    • Metabolism
    • Responsiveness
    • growth
    • Development- differentiation (general to specific)
    • -morphogenesis( change in shape of tissues, organs)

  19. What is the anatomical position?
    • body erect
    • face forward
    • feet together
    • palms face forward
  20. Supine and Prone
    • S- lying face upward
    • Prone- Lying face downward
  21. Superior and inferior
    • Cephalic- toward head
    • Caudal- away from the head
  22. Medial and lateral
    • Relative to the midline
    • <-----
    • ----->
  23. Proximal and Distal?
    • up
    • down
  24. Superficial and deep
    Relative to the surface of the body
  25. Anterior and Posterior
    • Ventral forward
    • and Dorsal towards the back
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