Physiology vocab

  1. Histology
    tissue structure or organization
  2. Atom
    a tiny particle
  3. Molecules
    the smallest particle of a substance that retains all the properties of the substance and is composed of one or more atoms
  4. Organs
    bodily parts performing a function or cooperating in an activity
  5. System
    a group of body organs that together perform one or more vital function
  6. Osteocytes
    main cells in bone tissue
  7. Adipocytes
    fat cells in adipose storing energy as fat
  8. Frioblasts
    structural framework for animal tissue play the role of healing wounds
  9. Chrondrocytes
    cells found in the cartilage tissue
  10. Thrombocytes
    cells that play the role in blood clotting (platelets)
  11. Axon
    A long slender projection of a nerve cells or neuron
  12. Tissue
    a group of similar cells working together to perform functions
  13. Cartilage
    • (connective tissue)[hyaline]
    • S: hand-plastic matrix + cells (chrondrocytes)
    • F: cushioning of joints
    • L: joints
  14. Bone
    • (connective tissue)
    • S: cement matrix + cells [osteocytes] + elastic fibers
    • F: framework, movement, CA(calcium) storage
    • L: skeleton
  15. Adipose
    • S: cream like matrix + cells[adipocytes]
    • F: protection, energy, insulation
    • L: around organs
  16. Muscle Tissue
    slowest to heal
  17. Simple Cuboildal Epithelial Tissue
    • S:absorption, secretion
    • F: diced shape
    • L: made of gland
  18. Simple Columnar Epithelial Tissue
    • S: tall w/oral nucleus at the bottom of cell
    • F: protection, secretion, absorption
    • L:lining of the stomach
  19. Connective Tissue
    • -Bind body parts together
    • -General structure
    • -cells + matrix + fibers
  20. Neuron/Body
    nerve cell; electrically excitable cell that process + transmit information by electrical + chemical signals
  21. Dendrites
    are the branched projections of a neuron that act to conduct the body signals
  22. Epithelial Tissue
    • -cover + line the body like wallpaper/glands
    • -grouped by cell shaped layers
  23. Cardiac Muscle
    • S: muscle cells branched, striated, central nuclei disc
    • F: heartbeat/pulse
    • L: heart
  24. Smooth Muscle
    • S: no striated shape feather
    • F: substance movement(food)(blood)
    • L: blood vessels esophagus + their tubular organs
  25. Nerve
    • S: neuron(nerve cell)glial cells[body guard
    • F: nerve impulse, conduction, transmission, sensation
    • L: spinal cord, brain, peripheral, nerves
  26. Simple Squamous Epithelial Tissue
    • S: diffusion
    • F: "1" layer of flat cells
    • L: lungs, kidney
  27. Stratified Squamous Epithelial Tissue
    • S: several layers of flat cells
    • F: protection
    • L: mouth(oval cavity), anus, esophagus
  28. Skeletal Muscle
    • S: cells are // strips; nucleus= smooshed against cell membrane/lateral
    • F: movement
    • L: along bones
  29. Areolar
    • S: glue like matrix + cells + fiber thin transparent membrane
    • F: glues body parts together
    • L: between body parts, organs
  30. Hematopoietic (blood)
    • S: liquid matrix = H2O + cells RBC = erythrocytes; WBC = leukocytes; platelets = thrombocytes
    • F: transport O2, CO2, nutrients
    • L: w/in blood vessels, marrow
  31. Dense Fibrows Tissue
    • S: rubber-like matrix
    • F:attach
    • L: bone-muscles
  32. System
    a group of body organs that together perform one or more vital function
  33. Leukocytes
    a cell white blood cell(Hematopoietic)
  34. Erythrocytes
    a cell red blood cell (Hematopoietic)
  35. Glial Cells
    a body guard to the nerve tissue
  36. Intercalary Discs
    within the central nuclei of cardiac muscle
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