Web Development Lesson 9

  1. What do we call a page layout that's always the same width and doesn't stretch or shrink to fill the width of a browser window?

    a. Liquid (or fluid) layout
    b. Fixed layout
    c. Squishy layout
    d. Traction layout
    Fixed layout
  2. Which of the following would be the correct syntax for a tag that starts a containing div named wrapper?

    a. <wrapper id="div">
    b. <div id="wrapper">
    c. <wrapper div="id">
    d. <id="div" wrapper>
    <div id="wrapper">
  3. Suppose you discover that your screen resolution is 1280 x 1024. What does the 1280 stand for?

    a. A width of 1,280 inches
    b. The model number
    c. A width of 1,280 milliseconds
    d. A width of 1,280 pixels
    A width of 1,280 pixels
  4. If you have the tag <div id="wrapper"> in your page, what would be the correct selector for a style rule that defines of the div?

    a. #WRAPPER
    b. #wrapper
    c. <wrapper>
    d. .wrapper
  5. Suppose you have a navigation bar with four items. Each item is in a table cells. You want the table cells to all have the same width, and also fill the full width of the navigation bar. How wide should you make each table cell?

    a. 25%
    b. 33.3%
    c. 50%
    d. 20%
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