Web Development Lesson 8

  1. In Web page layouts, which page division is most often used to display a corporate logo?

    a. main content
    b. navigation bar
    c. footer
    d. header (or branding) division
    header (or branding) division
  2. Which of the following is most often used as the opening tag for a page division?

    a. <p>
    b. <strong>
    c. <div>
    d. <id>
  3. If you want to create a page division named nav, what is the correct way to type the tag?

    a. <div id="nav">
    b. <id div="nav">
    c. DIV "ID"=NAV>
    D. <nav id="div">
    <div id="nav">
  4. If you create a table that's 100% wide, and you want to put four equal-width cells in it, what is the correct inline style for each <td> tag?

    a. id:25%"
    b. style="width:25%"
    c. 20%=width
    d. width=style:25%
  5. If you want your site to have five pages, each page must be a file with what as the filename extension?

    a. .jpeg or .png
    b. .htm or .html
    c. .gif or .jpeg
    d. .txt or .css
    htm or .html
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