1. compared to water, blood___
    Is more viscous and demonstrates greater resistance to flow
  2. ____ supplies the mammary gland and anterior thoracic wall
    internal thoracic arteries
  3. what organs receive blood from the common hepatic artery?
    liver and gallbladder
  4. ______ supplies the small intestine, pancreas and proximal part of large intestine with blood
    superior mesenteric artery
  5. two veins responsible for draining the neck and superficial head
    internal jugular vein and external jugular vein
  6. arteries that emerge from the descending abdominal aorta that supply the gastrointestinal tract
    celiac trunk, inferior mesenteric artery and superior mesenteric artery
  7. abbreviation for immunoglobulins
  8. what are branches of the inferior mesenteric artery?
    superior rectal artery, left colic artery and sigmoid artery
  9. artery that supplies the adrenal gland with blood
    middle suprarenal artery
  10. artery that supplies the kidney with blood
    renal artery
  11. artery that supplies the testes/ovaries with blood
    gonadal artery
  12. what prevents blood pooling in the limbs and assist blood moving back to the heart
    valves within the veins
  13. what branch of the celiac trunk supplies blood to the spleen, stomach and pancreas?
    splenic artery
  14. which artery had the largest lumen diameter?
    elastic artery
  15. which artery supplies blood to the lower limbs?
    external iliac artery
  16. vessels that branch from the descending abdominal aorta
    lumbar arteries
  17. what veins merge together to form the hepatic portal vein
    inferior mesenteric vein, splenic vein and superior mesenteric vein
  18. the axillary artery is renamed the _______ after it passes the inferior border of the teres major muscle
    brachial artery
  19. after interstitial fluid enter the lymphatic vessels it is called ____
  20. lymph drains from the lymphatic trunks into _____
    lymphatic capillaries
  21. which type of artery has a large proportion of elastic fibers throughout all three tunics?
    Elastic artery
  22. which abdominal quadrant is the spleen located in?
    upper left quadrant
  23. order that a lymph travels through them
    • lymphatic capillaries¬†
    • lymphatic vessels
    • lymphatic trunks
    • lymphatic ducts
  24. region where blood vessels and nerves enter and leave the spleen is called the _____
  25. what are the three classes of blood vessels?
    veins, capillaries and arteries
  26. veins of the lower limb distal to proximal, starting with toe veins
    • digital veins
    • medial and lateral plantar veins
    • posterior and anterior tibial veins
    • popliteal vein
    • femoral vein
    • external iliac vein
  27. lymphatic capillaries are _____ vessels
  28. lymph from the head and neck drain into the ___
    jugular trunks
  29. what lymphatic trunks drain lymph from the lower limbs
  30. lymph from the right leg enters the bloodstream through the _____
    thoracic duct
  31. the thymus ____ after puberty
  32. ____ arteries are also called distributing arteries because_____
    muscular, they distribute blood to body organs and tissues
  33. what are the smallest blood vessels in the cardiovascular system?
  34. blood is supplied to the superior abdominal wall by the ____
    superior epigastric artery
  35. what are the smallest veins?
  36. right and left brachiocephalic veins merge to form the ____
    superior vena cava
  37. what vein passes through the transverse foramina of the cervical vertebrae?
  38. blood leaves the liver through the ____
    hepatic portal veins
  39. what is the main artery that supplies blood to the upper limb
    subclavian artery
  40. blood vessels that connect arterioles to venules are called
  41. which tends to have more collagen and elastin in all of their tunics?
  42. the hepatic vein feeds blood into the ____
    inferior vena cava
  43. the subclavian artery is renamed the _____ artery after it passes over the lateral border of the first rib
  44. what superficial vein runs along the medial surface of the upper limb?
    basilic vein
  45. what superficial vein of the upper limb is a common site for venipuncture?
    median cubital vein
  46. lower limb in order from proximal to distal, closest to the abdomen at the top of the list
    • external iliac artery¬†
    • femoral artery
    • popliteal artery¬†
    • anterior and posterior tibial arteries
    • plantar arch
  47. which superficial vein runs along the lateral side of the upper limb
    cephalic vein
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