1. How many calories are provided by fat in your roommate's most recent meal?

    Three pieces of fried chicken (40 grams of fat)

    Mashed potatoes with gravy (6 grams of fat)

    Coleslaw (5 grams of fat)

    Roll with butter ( 5 grams of fat)

    Soft drink
    504 calories
  2. How many calories per gram of fat?
  3. Which of the following is a function of fat?
    most concentrated source of energy for the body.
  4. If a source of fat is from an animal, then it likely contains:
    saturated fat and cholesterol.
  5. Which fats are liquid at room temperature?
    unsaturated fats
  6. Which of the following groups of foods do not contain cholesterol?
    avocados, bananas, and beans
  7. Which of the following is "good" cholesterol?
  8. It seems everyone is talking about (dietary) fat. The best way to control fat in your diet is to
    use "balance, variety, and moderation."
  9. It seems everyone is talking about (dietary) fat. The best way to control fat in your diet is to
  10. Atherosclerosis can occur:
    • in the coronary arteries, causing poor to parts of the heart   
    • in the arteries of the neck, decreasing blood flow to the brain   
    • in the arteries of the legs, causing pain and muscle cramps   
    • in the arteries of the brain, leading to stroke
  11. A deficiency of fat in the diet may result in which of the following?
    • decreased growth 
    • flaky dermatitis 
    • deficiency of fat-soluble vitamins
  12. Which of the following diseases/conditions may be a possible risk of consuming a vegetarian diet?
    iron deficiency anemia
  13. Which nutrient(s) is/are most likely missing from a vegan diet?
    vitamin B12, vitamin D, and iron
  14. Which of the following foods would a lacto-ovovegetarian eat?
    milk and eggs
  15. A diet high in protein generally corresponds to a diet that is also too high in:
  16. A protein is said to be "complete" when:
    all essential amino acids are present and in proper proportion.
  17. Which of the following foods contain complete protein?
    beef, milk, eggs
  18. Which of the following statements is not true about protein?
    the primary role of protein is to provide calories.
  19. A protein
    has nitrogen in its chemical structure.
  20. _________________ is the physical changes that take place in a protein when it is exposed to abnormal conditions in the environment.
  21. What is the RDA for protein of a healthy adult woman who weighs 62 kg?
    49.6 kg
  22. To get the RDA  of protein for an adult,
    multiply weight in kg by 0.8
  23. Nearly all alcohol ingested is metabolized in the:
  24. Which of the following can influence the absorption and metabolism of alcohol:
    • ethnicity 
    • type of alcohol and amount consumed 
    • gender 
    • the presence of food in the stomach
  25. The liver can metabolize ______ drink(s) of alcohol per hour.
  26. Which of the following is correct concerning alcohol's metabolism in a man and woman of the same height and weight?
    the woman has a lower capacity for metabolizing alcohol than the man.
  27. Alcohol metabolism is not influenced by a person's
    level of caffeine consumption
  28. After her college graduation party, Jade's BAC was 0.16%. This level is _____ times the legal limit.
  29. Alcohol is
    a depressant drug.
  30. While at a party, Jenna drank 24 ounces of beer and 10 ounces of wine. Based on this information, her alcohol consumption was equivalent to ____ standard alcoholic drinks.
  31. 12 ounces of beer is
    1 alcoholic drink
  32. 5 ounces of wine is
    1 alcoholic drink
  33. Chronic alcohol abuse increases the risk of ____ cancer.
    • colon   
    • stomach 
    • pancreatic
  34. Bob's blood alcohol concentration is 0.25. Based on this information, Bob is
  35. Vitamins:
    are organic molecules.
  36. Which of the following practices may reduce your risk of cancer?
    eating more fruits and vegetables.
  37. Which of the following foods is a rich source of vitamin C?
    green pepper
  38. Which of the following statements is false?
    patients with pernicious anemia are treated with high doses of folic acid.
  39. To reduce the likelihood of giving birth to babies with neural tube defects, women of childbearing age should obtain adequate
  40. Diets that lack niacin can lead to
  41. Vitamin K can be produced by
    intestinal bacteria
  42. Lack of vitamin ______ causes scurvy.
  43. Enriched grain products have specific amounts of ___________ added during processing.
  44. People who are unable to absorb fat are likely to develop a _________ deficiency.
    vitamin A
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