the US political System and the US Elections

  1. Founding Fathers
    • George Washington
    • Benajmin Franklin
    • Thomas Jefferson
  2. aims of the system
    • nop branch shall ever become to powerfull
    • the government shall be fair and strong
  3. legislative
    • US Congress
    • consists of Senators and Representatives

    • tasks:
    • pass/veto/ratify laws
    • approve federeal judges
    • declare war
  4. executive
    • conists of: the President and the Cabinet (Vice President)
    • tasks:
    • commands armed forces
    • meets with leaders of other nations
    • appoint government officials
  5. judical
    • consists of the Supreme Court
    • tasks:
    • punish lawbreakers
    • settles disputes
    • decides if the laws are constitutional
  6. system of checks and balances
    • devides the power in the branches
    • ensures that no branch gets too powerful
    • it includes various limits and controls on the powers of each branch
  7. Primaries
    • state level elcetions
    • held before general election to choose each party's candidate for nomination
  8. Platform
    written statement of a party's principles and goals
  9. Caucus
    • local meeting of members of a political party
    • with the purpose of choosing candidates for an election
  10. the red states
    states where people tend to vote the Republican Party
  11. Poll
    survey of people that is taken to find out which candidate they might vote for
  12. National Conventions
    • offical meeting of the delegategates of a political party
    • purpose is to choose their candidates and decide upon their party platform
  13. Running Mate
    • chosen candidate picks a political colleague to run with him or her in the presidential election
    • he will become Vice President
  14. Electoral College
    group of delegates (called electors) who foramlly elect the president of the USA
  15. Campaign
    period of time beofre an election when candidates try to persuade people to vote for them
  16. the blue states
    states where people tend to vote for the Democratic Party
  17. swing states
    States where people don't always vote the same party
  18. Road to the White House
    • 1. Primaries and Caucus
    • 2. National Convention
    • 3. Campaign
    • 4. General Election
    • 5. Electoral College (December 14th)
    • 6. Inauguration (January 20th)
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the US political System and the US Elections
the US political System and the US Elections