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  1. What is a good program for checking problems that occured when u were not around ?
    Event Viewer
  2. To ck the physical hard drive for problems use the ____?
    CHKDSK command line
  3. Which utility is useful in identfying a program that is using the processor resources?
    Task Mgr
  4. Which 1 of these is not a tab in the Windows Task Mgr?

    B. Settings
  5. The System Monitor gathers real-time data from devices such as, (select all that apply)
    A. Processor
    B. Network
    C. Memory
    D. HDD
    • A. Processor
    • B. Network
    • C. Memory
    • D. HDD
  6. If an app hangs, u can use the ____ to end the program.
    Task Mgr
  7. Performance Options in Win XP can be used to configure ____, ______, & ______.
    CPU, RAM, & Virtual Memory
  8. XP has 3 preformance option dialog tabs. Visual effects, preformance, & data exe prevention.
    True or False
  9. Which is Task Mgr used for?

    D. All of the above
  10. ______ gathers real-time dat on obis such as memory, physical disk, processor, & network, & displays this data as a graph (line graph), histogram (bar graph), or simple report.

    D. None of the above
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