1. What is the reason for PD-680 and lube oil together for the bs&w test?
    The solvent helps separate the lube oil due to the high viscosity.
  2. In port and compensating water is discharging over the side?
    Just means that comp water is aligned.
  3. What is LVRE?
    Low voltage release effect.
  4. What conditions will you not come to full power for?
    ASW, and Main Space Fire
  5. Trail shaft EOCC actions for MBGTM?
    Halon, thurst control, stop shaft, f/o pump off, fost close
  6. When will the bridge initiate emergency breakaway during UNREP at RMD condition?
    Any MRG, CRP, or steering casualties
  7. When is full power required?
    General quarters, emergency flight quarters, torpedo inboud, small boat attack, combat
  8. When is RMD set?
    • Combat
    • restricted waters
    • close proximity
    • as directed by CO
    • Sea and Anchor detail
    • Emergency flight quarters
  9. What are the UEC abort starts?
    1200 rpm within 20 sec, lube 6 psig within 45 sec, 4500 rpm within 90 sec
  10. When will the PACCO manually stop GTM on start?
    T5.4 rapidly approaches 1350, compressor stall
  11. What are the VCHT pump logics?
    • Both ejector pumps turn on at 12 vacuum, only 1 pump at 14? vacuum, and no pumps operating at 18? vacuum.
    • Discharge pumps will alternate operation, but at 25% PWT low level, 75% will pump down to 25%, and at 95% high level; will have to pump manually.
  12. What procedure is for flooding in Shaft alley?
    Local operating procedure 73
  13. what is the EOOW/OOD relationship?
    The EOOW will ensure safe operation and maneuverability at all times. Will always inform OOD of any propulsion limitations, DC readiness
  14. What are the limitations for MSEAH?
    • 110 SRPM shall not be exceeded, 20 degree rudder shall not be exceeded, never trail shaft with emergency pitch lock, equal rpm on both shafts, 1 knot per second (1 srpm per 8 sec), 2 degree rudder per 20 sec, OD Box must be maintained below 160F, secure prairie air
  15. What equipment are fed from the Port c/W loop?
  16. What equipment are fed from the STBD c/W loop?
    • C&D SKID
    • TACTAS
  17. Which casualties will keep you at single gen ops?\
    • Class ?c? fire in swbd
    • class ?c? fire in generator
    • metallic or loud banging noise
    • overspeeding GTG
    • class ?b? fire GTG module
  18. What procedure to conduct wet motor?
    IAW NSTM 234, remove spark igniters and conduct motor.
  19. What are the conditions for single valve (double barrier)?
    • High temp 200F or more
    • High pressure 1000psi or more
    • Flash point below 200F
    • Oxygen
    • Hazardous, toxic vapors (dry, cleaning fluid, phosphate)
    • All sea connected systems
    • All hull penetrations below maximum anticipated waterline
  20. When are tag-out audits conducted? (5100.1H)
    • Every Thursday (inport or underway)
    • Once a quarter, CSOOW and EOOW will swap
    • Tag out violation has occurred
    • When TYCOM does inspection/review
  21. What do you do when the rudder stock seal has intrusion of water?
    Lock the rudder in place with ratchet. Ensure its midships prior to.
  22. What is the leak rate for the stern tube?
    The leak rate is 4 gallons per hour.
  23. What are some types of steering faults, and examples?
    • Critical: return oil > 185F, head tank < 0.5gal
    • Major: head tank < 3gal, tank temp > 140F
    • Minor: servo filter > 35PSID, supply tank temp < 100F
  24. What do you do for to a new firemain hose that you use for potable water?
    Label the hose ?POTABLE WATER ONLY? every 3 ft.
  25. What are casualty power cable ratings?
    93 amps continuous, 200 amps for 4 hours
  26. What do you do for a complete loss of the ABT?
    Tag out the L1, L2, and L3 and switch to normal
  27. What is the GTM motor duty cycle?
    • 20-22 psi
    • Motor no more than 5 min MUST replace starter
    • 5 min on, 2 min off, 5 min on, 18 min off
  28. When the last purifier you have becomes OOC, what do you do?
    Request to continue troubleshooting, tag out, inform Commanding Officer, talk to GSMC and get an sme type opinion
  29. How do masker operation effect the reefers?
    The reefer becomes airbound and you must manually adjust the water regulating valve.
  30. What is a start overtemp for the GTG?
    12,225 rpm ? 1600-1725F
  31. Fail to fire for the GTG?
    TIT < 600F @ 2400 rpm
  32. What happens @ 7500 rpm?
    • Igniters off
    • 14th stage diffuser shut
    • Fuel paralleling valves shut
  33. What load checks are done for Restoring from Class C Fire?
    • No load test
    • Partial load test
    • Load test
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