Web Development Lesson 2

  1. Which of the following best describes what you see when you open a Web page in a text editor?

    a. A screen shot of your Web page
    b. Source code
    c. The rendered page
    d. Video tutorials
    Source code
  2. There are certain mandatory tags that every Web page must contain. Which of the following tag pairs are mandatory?

    a. <body>...</body>
    b. <p>...</p>
    c. <em>...</em>
    d. <h1>...</h1>
  3. Which tag in a page's source code lets the user agent know it has reached the end of the document?

    a. </head>
    b. </html>
    c. </title>
    d. </body>
  4. Which of the following is the proper closing tag for a paragraph?

    a. <p/>
    b. <\p>
    c. <p>
    d. </p>
  5. What do Web browsers, search engine bots, and screen readers for the blind have in common?

    a. They're all tools for creating and editing Web pages.
    b. They are all transportation devices.
    c. They're all people.
    d. They're all user agents.
    They're all user agents.
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