Design Quiz 1

  1. What is the correct order of the OSI model from bottom to top?
    • Physical
    • Data Link
    • Network
    • Transport
    • Session
    • Presentation
    • Application
  2. 100Base-FX uses which of the following types of cable?

    A. Fiber Optic
  3. Which of the following should u check if u can connect using the IP address but not the host name?

    A. DNS
  4. The fastest method of transporting data w/ a switch?

    A. cut through
  5. Which of the following protocols map a logical address to a MAC (Media Access Control) address?

    A. ARP
  6. The major limition factor for how long a cable can be in a segment is ___?

    B. attenuation
  7. A bridge filters traffic using which type of address?

    C. MAC address
  8. Using the TCP/IP protocol if the destination of the packet is outside the subnet then the packet is sent to the ___?

    C. default gateway
  9. What is the 1st octet range for a class A IP address?

    A. 1-126
  10. Refers to the part of the network that is separated by routers, bridges, or switches?

    A. Segment
  11. Data is organized into FRAMES for transmission at this OSI level?

    B. Data Link
  12. What routing protocol counts hops to the destination along multiple paths to determine the most efficient route?

    A. RIP
  13. Operates at the network layer of the OSI model?

    A. Router
  14. Dial-up protocol that uses a virtual private network (VPN)?

    C. PPTP (Point-to- Point Tunneling Protocol)
  15. Network connection devices that is capable of sending packets along multiple paths depending on which path is more efficient?

    B. Router
  16. The easiest protocol to setup?

    B. NetBEUI
  17. Ensures that 1 device is NOT overwhelmed by another w/ a data transmission?

    B. Flow control
  18. Characteristic of the TCP protocol?

    B. assurance of packet delivery
  19. Cable type that offers the LEAST resistance to EMI?

    B. UTP
  20. For a Class C IP address the 1st ____ Octect(s) are reserved for the network ID?

    B. 3
  21. A set of "RULES" for network transmission?

    B. Protocols
  22. Name 2 Protocols in the TCP?IP suite that function at the Transport layer of the OSI model?

    • A. TCP
    • C. UDP
  23. IP is responsible for sorting & ____ of packets.

    C. Addressing
  24. What is the 1st octet range for a Class B IP address?

    B. 128-191
  25. What is the 1st octet range for a Class C IP address?

    E. 192-255
  26. What method of transporting data w/ a switch is faster?

    E. Cut-though
  27. A packet in a TCP/IP network whose destination is outside the local network goes to the ___?

    C. default gateway
  28. 1 impt difference between routers & bridges is that when a bridge cant locate the destination address in its table it ______?

    C. broadcasts the transmission to all ports
  29. OSI level that ensures error-free delivery of packets?

    A. Transport
  30. The IEEE specification for a token ring network?

    C. 802.5
  31. A protocol that functions at the transport layer of the OSI model?

    C. IPX
  32. How many bits are there in an IP address?

    C. 32
  33. An easy to configure, fast, & efficient protocol recommended for sm non-routable networks?

    C. NetBEUI
  34. What type of troubleshooting device examines the network at the packet level?

    A. TDR
  35. Resolves domain names into IP addresses?

    B. DNS
  36. A crossover cable can be used to connect?

    C. all of the above
  37. The RJ-45 connectors used in UTP networks has ______ wires.

    C. 4 pairs or 8
  38. Your IP address is What portion if the IP address identifies your network ID?
    A, 135
    B. 135.72
    C. 135.72.14
    B. 135.72
  39. A router uses ____ addressing to choose its path?

    A. Logical
  40. Of the 2 types of routers the 1 that uses the discovery process to create its routing table?

    A. dynamic
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