Oct/Nov 2020 CAS

  1. 2 ways to apply Teflon
    • 1. Wrap
    • 2. Split and bond
  2. SBRD
    Solid Body mechanical set liner hanger
  3. Who do we want to look at in Singapore?
    Disk Precision
  4. Spell Din's name
    Mohammed Mohiuddin
  5. Parts that always need Xylan
    718 Inconel
  6. Ives' new position
    3MT Manager
  7. What is 3MT?
    Modeling, Materials, Mechanical
  8. STSI
    Schlumberger Technical Services India
  9. CMI
    Cameron Manufacturing India
  10. WPS
    Well Production Systems (Completions & Artificial Lift)
  11. CUP
    Catalog Update Pricing
  12. Which suppliers go through GOLD Hub?
    CP, Omni and OSC
  13. What is stock vs non-stock
    • Stock-defined by PN
    • Nonstock-consumables/stationary
  14. DSC
    Distribution Service Center
  15. MMDS
    Material Master Data Services
  16. PIR
    Purchase Info Records
  17. RBS and what product it's in
    • Rotational Ball Seat
    • Colossus liner hanger
  18. Engineering manager for CP
  19. What is performed on MSS slips?
    Induction hardening
  20. Where is induction hardening performed?
    Ajax Tocco (Ohio and Alabama)
  21. What is done on MSS upper and lower cones?
    Bright Acid Copper Plating
  22. What coating goes on the MSS element backup ring?
    Emralon 330
  23. 3 processes needed to MSS at CP
    • 1. Induction Hardening
    • 2. Bright Acid Copper Plating
    • 3. Emralon 330 Coating
  24. ATR
    Aflas Teflon Ryton
  25. TPI in Singapore
  26. OGDCL
    Oil and Gas Development Company Limited.  Pakistan.

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Oct/Nov 2020 CAS