787 Nice to know

  1. Engine oil quantify required flight?
    • 13 liters for flights 4hrs or less
    • 18 liters for all others
  2. Hydraulic and Liquid cooling fluid quantity need to be filled when?
    When RF is shown
  3. App oil quantity?
    Not less than 3.75 liters
  4. Crew Oxygen?
    Check table if below 1200psi
  5. APU may be start up to what altitude?
    No restriction, up to service celling FL430
  6. "FUEL IN CENTER" msg will show with how much fuel in centre tanks?
    7300kg with centre pumps off.
  7. Fuel Jettison: To what amount will the airplane jettison fuel to?
    3900kg per tank

    7800 total
  8. Fuel Jettison how much per minute?
    • 1360kg per min on centre tanks
    • 500kg per min for main tanks
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