Lecture # 74

  1. where do sympathetic preganglionic cell bodies lie?
  2. were do sympathetic postganglionic cell bodies lie?
    paravertebral and subdiaphragmatic ganglia
  3. how many sympathetic neurons are there?
    two neuron system
  4. how many parasympathetic neurons are there?
    two neuron system
  5. where do parasympathetic preganglionic cell bodies lie?
    s3 and S4 sometimes S2
  6. were do parasympathetic postganglionic cell bodies lie?
    • walls of organ
    • minute pelvic ganglia
    • 4 ganglia in the head and neck
  7. mnemonic for parasympathetic to the pelvis
    a para sexy sista with 34 inch hips
  8. sympathetic preganglion cell bodies
    Leroy felt sorry for tyrone so he let him come in 1st and he come in second
  9. menumonic for sympathetic postganglion cell bodies
    post a para subs
  10. sympathetic to the body wall pre ganglion cell bodies
    T7-L2 where preganglion cell bodies are
  11. sympathetics to the abdomen preganglion cell bodies
    T5-L2 lateral horn
  12. what spinal levels do the celiac ganglion travel
  13. what spinal levels do the superior mesenteric ganglion travel
  14. what spinal levels do the inferior mesenteric ganglion travel
  15. how do you remember the spinal cord levels that correspond with the celiac, SM, and IM ganglion
    • 5,4,3 starting at T5
    • celiac is 5 levels 
    • SMA is 4 levels and IMA is 4
  16. what are the levels for the greater splanchnic nerves
  17. what are the level for the least splanchnic
  18. level for lesser splanchnic
    T11 and T12
  19. Vt levels for lower splanchnic nerves
  20. where are the preganglionic cell bodies for the ovaries and the testies?
  21. where are the sympathetic preganglion for the uterus
  22. sympathic preganglion to erectile tissue/vas deferens/ and prostate in men
    t12- L1/L2
  23. what is a plexus
    post ganglionic cell bodies in a cluster
  24. describe the pathway of sympathethics to the ovary
    • preganglion cell bodies from the lateral horn of T12-L1
    • preganglion axons leave as thoracic and lumbar -splanchnic nerves
    • when they reach the ovary they synapse on the post ganglion cell bodies near the ovary 
    • post ganglion cell axons move with th ovarian artyer
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