Station design layouts

  1. What makes the banks at DS-7 different from other stations visited.
    LRC and Forced oil air banks
  2. What type of Feeder CB is used in DS-7 and what advantages are derived from this type of station design.
    Rack out Air-CBs

    Compact less maintenance reduced oil hazards
  3. What type of fire suppression does DS-7 use...
    Co2 system, 45 sec to evacuate
  4. what stations are connected to DS-7
    RS-P and RS-A
  5. What type of disconnects are used on the low side of DS-7
    Rackout CB with hook stick LIDs
  6. What is the High side bus configuration of DS-7
    34.5kv High side double bus single breaker
  7. How many 4.8kv Tie CBs in DS-7
    10. it is a Ring system
  8. What stations are connected to DS-48
    • RS-M, Via Valley - Tujunga Line-1 
    • DS-72 Via Sunland-Tujunga L-1 & L-2
  9. How are the banks at DS-48 cooled
    Forced oil,air
  10. What type of Feeder Regulators are in DS-48
    Step Type Regulators
  11. What is the 4.8kv bus config with respect to the banks at DS-48
    Double bus double breaker
  12. What is the 4.8kv bus config with respect to the Bus at DS-48
    Double Bus  Double Breaker
  13. What is the high side config of DS-48
    Double Bus Single Breaker
  14. What Type of CBs at Ds-48
    Oil and SF6
  15. What type of Regulators are found at DS-48
    Step Type
  16. DS 210 has what type of Low Side
    Sectionalized Main Bus
  17. With respect to the Banks what type of bus config is used on the low side of RS- INDIA
    Double bus Double Breaker
  18. The Bank connecting LIMA-INDIA Line-1 to RS-I is what type of Bank.
    Line Bank
  19. How many Sub-Transmission sections at RS-G
  20. DS-23 4.8kv Bus names
    • 4.8kv Front bus
    • 4.8kv Rear Bus
    • 4.8kv Transfer bus
  21. High side Bus config of ds-23
    Ring Bus
  22. What type of Arc quenching medium is used for the CBs at DS-23
    Oil and Vacuum
  23. How do Sub-transmission lines enter DS-23
    Through the roof
  24. At DS-23 what type of disconnects can be found on the low side
    Gang operated
  25. DS-7 What makes the Banks different at this station.
    LRC Banks Forced oil, air

    air cooled by vents
  26. What type of Feeder CBs at DS-7
    Rack-out ACB
  27. What is the High side Bus config at DS-7
    Double Bus single breaker
  28. How many 4.8kv Tie CBs are at DS-7
    10 in a ring bus config
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