GCC Class 2 Lesson 11 Quiz

  1. What is the type of testing that ignores the internal workings of a system and focuses on only its outputs?

    C. Black box testing.
  2. What important planning document should an organization create, maintain, and test in preparation for a catastrophic event?

    C. Disaster recovery plan.
  3. Which of the following backup strategies would provide the most efficient recovery from a disaster in which the data servers for a
    business are lost?

    B. Weekly full backups and daily differential backups.
  4. Who should perform penetration testing on a network?

    C.  An independent, outside consultant or service.
  5. Management insists that the organization's recovery plans must include the requirement for all critical data and systems to be operational to the beginning of the business day within one hour of failure, regardless of the event occurring. Which of the following metrics would you NOT use in a disaster recovery plan to state these requirements?

    D.  EoD.
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GCC Class 2 Lesson 11 Quiz
GCC Class 2 Lesson 11 Quiz