Marketing Management CH1

  1. the art and science of choosing target markets and getting, keeping and growing customers through creating delivering and communicating superior customer value.
    Marketing management
  2. Someone who seeks a response, attention a purchase, a vote or donation from a prospect.
  3. A an individual in demand knowing or unknowingly from the marketer.
  4. A physical place where buyers and sellers gathered to buy and sell goods (today we have virtual environmerts as well)
  5. Consumers dislike the product and may even pay to avoid it.
    Negative Demand
  6. Consumers may be unaware of or interested in the product.
    Nonexistent Demand
  7. Consumers may share a strong need that cannot be satisfied by an existing product.
    Latent demand
  8. Consumers begin to buy the product less frequently or not at all.
    Delining demand
  9. Consumers purchases vary on a seasonal, monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly basis.
    Irregular demand
  10. Consumers are adequately buying all products into the marketplace.
    Full Demand
  11. More consumers would like to buy the product than can be satified.
    Overfull Demand
  12. Consumers may be attracted to products that have undseirable social consequences.
    Unwholesome demand.
  13. selling in mass goods, services or ideas consumers
    Consumer market
  14. Companies selling goods, services, and ideas to skilled professional buyers who evaluate competiton.
    Business Markets
  15. Companies in the internaltional market navigating cultural, languages, legal and political differences when deciding which country to enter.
    Global Market.
  16. Companies seling to non-profit organizations/governments with limited purchasing power.
    Nonprofit and Governmental markets
  17. a set of benefits that satisfying needs.
    Value proposition
  18. a rival offering
  19. offering from a known source
  20. communication channels tht adeliver and receive messages from target buyers (including newspaper, magazines, radio, internet...)
    Marketing Channels
  21. TV ads, brochure-website, press-wordof mouth
    Paid, Owned and earned media.
  22. The various ways to disminate brand information, TV, billboard, podcast....
    Marketing channels
  23. Quality, service and price.
    Customer value triad
  24. an individual's judgment of a product's perceived performance in relation to expectations.
  25. channel via raw materials to a finished product
    Supply chain
  26. suppliers, distributors, dealers and target customers.
    task environments
  27. demographic, economic, social-cultural, natural, technological, and political-legal...
    Broad marketing environment
  28. holds that consumers and businesses left alone will not buy enough from an organization.
    selling concept
  29. customer centered, sense and respond philosphy...
    marketing concept
  30. the develpment,k design, and implementation of marketing programs, processes, and activities that recognize the interdependencies.
    holistic marketing
  31. satisfying long-term relationships with kety constituents.
    Relationship marketing
  32. the ultimate outcome of relationship marketing is a unique company asset
    marketing network
  33. the elements of holistic marketing connected to hiring, training, and activites.
    Internal Marketing
  34. R&D, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Accounting, Finance and Public relations.
    Company deparments with the customer in mind.
  35. needing the understanding with the financial and non-financial returns to business and society from marketing activities and programs.
    Performance marketing.
  36. 4 P's
    Product, Price, Promotion and Place
  37. Variety, Qulity, design, features, brand name packaging, sizes, services, warranties and returns.
  38. List price, discounts, allowances, payment period and credit terms.
  39. Sales promotion, advertising, sales force, public relations and direct marketing
  40. Channelsl, coverages, assortments, locations, inventory and transport.
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