Substation test

  1. Proper work element numbers on the employee's time cards facilitate proper?
    A.) Labor cost accounting.
  2. How many consecutive days are allowed for bereavement of a spouse?
    B.) Three.
  3. Electric traction employees must attend AMT-2?
    C.) Once a year
  4. Which of the following forms is used to request materials?
    C.) Mr.
  5. A Forman is responsible for verifying that their personal have which of the following qualifications?
  6. All Substation control functions originate in the?
    A).R.T.U. Batteries
  7. What is the path of rail return current that returns to the substation?
    C.) Static Line
  8. How many bells are there in transmission dead ends in the substation?
    C.) 13.
  9. What is the standard rating of a primary fuse for a Potential Transformer?
    A.) .5 amps 15kv
  10. Switchboard wiring should be a minimum of?
    A.) 12 awg.
  11. What is the voltage of a 25hz service transformers secondary?
    C.) 240 VAC
  12. Each Power Transformer is protected by a back-up?
    A). CO relay
  13. What is the function of Potential Transformers?
    D.) Potential lamps and relay protection.
  14. How are subtractive Transformer leads marked for polarity?
    • C.) H1 H2
    • ..... X1 X2
  15. Power Transformers are protected against internal faults by what relay?
    B.) CA
  16. What is the secondary current on a 4500kva Transformer at 100% load?
    B.)375 amps
  17. What is the primary current on a 4500kva Transformer at 100% load?
    A.) 32.6 amps
  18. We blanket the Transformer with what average pressure of nitrogen?
    B.) 5lbs
  19. What is the turns ratio of 4500kva step-down transformer?
    B.) 11.5/1
  20. Periodic overhauls of substation breakers are performed Every?
    B.) 6 months
  21. Trolley breakers are rated at?
    D.) 35000 volts, 1500 amps
  22. A minimum acceptable megger reading for a control cable is any wire that meggers at least?
    A.) 1 megohm
  23. The megger used to test control cable insulation generates what type of voltage?
    B.) DC
  24. When meggering the primary of a 4500kva Transformer, the voltage is set at?
    B.) 1000 volts
  25. What is the standard wire gauge used in a current Transformer circuits?
    A.) 10 AWG
  26. A cable containing wire designations of F, S, Q and O would be a?
    C.) Current Transformer cable.
  27. If one leg of the 13kv transmission goes to ground, which relays will trip the low side breaker?
    B.) CO Balance, CV
  28. When transmission short-circuit occurs, the low side breaker will clear the line by means of which relay?
    C.) CR relay
  29. Amtrak's 25 cycle transmission lines are energized at?
    C.) 138,000
  30. What is the safe working distance Amtrak employees must maintain from an energized transmission line?
    B.) 8ft.
  31. What is the safe working distance that Amtrak's equipment must maintain from an energized transmission line?
    C.) 15 feet
  32. Damaged impedance bonds are considered?
    B.) Energized and Dangerous to life
  33. The system of tracks, impedance bonds, cables and jumpers that provide a path for current back to the substation is called the?
    A.) Rail Return circuit
  34. What type of meter is used to measure rail return current?
    D.) Clamp on ammeter
  35. Where does the rail return connect inside the Substation?
    C.) The rail return bus
  36. Why is all of the 25hz Substation equipment grounded?
    A.) Electrolysis
  37. What is the wire size of the main rail return bus in the substation?
    B.) 400-500 mcm
  38. Which of the following is the voltage and frequency of the ABK Signal machine motors?
    C.) 480 Volts, 60 cycle
  39. The new signal M.G. sets are protects from motor under voltage by which relays?
    A.) 27 and 47
  40. Which breakers feeds the signal machine motors?
    A.) 52 breakers
  41. When operating hook-stick type high tension disconnecting switches, what approved protective equipment must be used?
    D.) Switch pole and rubber gloves
  42. Before entering a Signal machine enclosure, always wear?
    C.) Ear Protection
  43. What is the normal voltage and frequency that the Signal machine generates?
    B.) 480 Volts, 100 cycle
  44. Signal line feeder breakers are equipped for automatic reclosure for what type of fault?
    A.) line Undervoltage
  45. If you are at a signal machine location and there is an automatic operation, an employee should call the?
    D.) Power Director.
  46. What does a specific gravity reading of 1.000 indicate?
    D.) The cell is not charging
  47. The fluid inside a battery is called?
    C.) Electrolyte
  48. Batteries should be tested?
    C.) Semi-annually
  49. The station battery provides?
    A.) Direct Current to operate substation equipment.
  50. Expansion tanks are used on which types of Transformers?
    B.) Allis Chalmers & General Electric
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