Anatomy Lab#6

  1. What does the medial fold contain?
    The urachus( a remnant of the allantois)
  2. what is contain in the medial fold
    the remnant of the umbilical arteries
  3. what is contain in the lateral fold ?
    the impression of the inferior epigastric vessels
  4. what is in the right upper quadrant?
    • The liver; inferior to it  is gallblader ( green)
    • hepatic flexure
  5. what is in the left upper quadrant?
    • The spleen
    • splenic flecture
  6. what is the cardia ?
    the area of stomach beneath the esophagus
  7. what quadrant is the stomach located ?
  8. fundus
    Bum on upper right border of stomach
  9. majority of the stomach is called?
    the body
  10. how does the stomach meet the duedneum?
    through the pyloric  spincter
  11. how does food travel through disgtestive
    • esophogaus
    • stomach
    • deudnum
    • jeujunum
    • last part of  ( illuim)
    • travel up the ascending colon 
    • name changes to transverse colon
    • down the descending colon into sigmoid then into the rectum
  12. what part of your colon is the illium connectd to?
    The secum
  13. what is the most distal part of the secum
    the appendix
  14. what are the part of your small intestine
    • DJ Iana
    • duodenum
    • jejunum
    • illuium
  15. what gray apron structure covers most of your abdomen
    • greater omentum 
    • come off of the greater curvature of your stomach
  16. where is the lesser omentum ?
    on the lesser curvature of the stomach and goes up to the inferior portion of the liver
  17. what structures are in the lesser omentum
    hepatogastric and heptoduodenum ligment
  18. what does the heptaduedum ligament contain ?
    the portal triad
  19. how does bile travel
    • from liver( where it is made) goes through right and left hepatic ducts  to the common hepatic duct 
    •  to gall bladder
    • two way cystic duct 
    • to duednum of snall intestine
  20. what does the cescending aorta give off for blood suppliy to the adbomenn?
    the celiac trunck
  21. what are the branches of the celiac trunk?
    • splenic
    • left gastric 
    • common heptaic artery
  22. what does your left gastric branch supply blood to?
    • The lesser curvature of the stomach
    • it also gives off an esophogeal branch to give blood to the esophagus
  23. how does the splenic artery travel ?
    posterior to the stomach and supplies the spleen.
  24. what are the branches of the splenic artery?
    • The short gastric branch which supplies the stomach fundus
    • the left gastric omental artery branch which anastome with the right gastic omental artery
  25. what are the branches of the common hepatic branch of the celiac trunk
    • gastroduedonual artery 
    • hepta artery proper
  26. what is the branch of the gastroduedonual artery
    the superior pancreaticoduedeunal artery
  27. what happens to the gastroduedonual artery when it give off the superiorpanceroduoadeunal artery ?
    It is called the right omental artery
  28. what are the branches of hepatic artery proper?
    • There are 3 :
    • right gastric ( supplies lesser curvature of stomach)
    • left and right heptatic artery
  29. what are the branches of the right heptatic artery?
    the cyctic artery which supplies the gallbladder
  30. how many lobes does the liver have?
    • 4
    • left and right
    • quadrate and cauda lobe
  31. what is btwn the liver lobes?
    The falciform ligament
  32. what is at the end of the falciform ligament?
    The round ligament of the liver, a remenant of the umbilical vein
  33. what are all the ligaments on the liver?
    The right and left triangular ligament, the cardiac ligament, the falciform ligament
  34. what is the bayer area of the liver?
    Part of the liver where there is no visceral peritinum
  35. what is between tyou caudate lobe and your
    The ligamentum venosum
  36. superior mesenteric aretery
    comes off the anterior surface of the abdominal aorta. It is behind the small bowel
  37. what anostomoses with the ascending branch of the right colic artery ?
    the middle colic artery
  38. what anostomoses with the descending branch of the right colic artery ?
    illiocolic artery
  39. branches of righ colic artery
    • descending branch 
    • ascending branch
  40. what are the branches of superior mesenteric aretery
    • most proximal- inferior pancreaticoduoadneal artery
    • intestinal arerty
    • illiocolic artery
    • righ colic artery
    • middle colic artery
  41. what does the right branch of the middle colic artery anastomose with ?
  42. what does the right branch of the middle colic artery anastomose with ?
    right colic artery
  43. what are the branches of the middle colic aretery
    • right branch
    • left branch
  44. what does the  inferior middle colic artery supply?
    proximal 2/3 of the transverse colon
  45. what does the  inferior pancreaticoduoadneal artery supply?
    The head and the neck of the pancreas
  46. what does the intestinal arerty supply?
    Walls of the juejednum and illum
  47. what are the branches of the illiocolic artery?
    • illio branch
    • secal branch
  48. what artery does the cecal branch give off
    the appendicular artery .
  49. what does the superior rectal artery branch of the inferior mesenteric artery supply?
    The superior portion of the rectum
  50. branches of the inferior mesenteric artery ?
    • left colic artery
    • super rectal artery 
    • sigmodial arterie(S): aseceding and descending.
  51. what does the left colic artery suppli?
    The distal 1/3 of the transverse colon and the descending colon
  52. what does the ascending branch of the left colic artery anastomose with?
    the middle colic artery
  53. what does the sigmodial artery of the inferior mesentery supply?
    the sigmod colon
  54. what are the branches of the  left colic artery
    • 2
    • ascending branch 
    • descending branch
  55. where does the inferior mesenteric artery come from
    the anterior surface of the abdominal wall
  56. inferior mesenteric vein
    • laterel to inferior mesenteric artery 
    • drains into spenic vein
  57. which vein does the spenic vein join with
    superior mesenteric vein
  58. What is the marginal artery ?
    • All the anastomoses that happen in the inner margin ( circumference) of the large intestines
    • with contributions from the branches of the inferior and superior mesenteric arteries
  59. what does the superior mesenteric vein and the spenic vein join up to grain into?
    The hepatic portal vein
  60. what is the portal triad ?
    The portal triad is composed of a branch of the hepatic artery, portal vein, and bile duct.
  61. what is on the inner surface of the stomach
    • gastric folds called rugae 
    • to the right is the pyloric canal 
    • which has circular folds
  62. what does the pyloric orificae lead to as well as connect ?
    connect sht stomach to the small instestine 9 specifically the first part of the small instestine: duoduenum)
  63. how does the 3rd part ( aka horizontal part) of duoduenum travel
    posteriorly to our superior mesenteric vessels
  64. What are the part of the duodenum
    • 1st part along VT level L1
    • 2nd part ( akak dsecending ) ;located at L12 of VT
    • 3rd part ( aka horizontal part) ; located at VT level L3
    • 4th part ;L2 'aka ascending part
  65. what is significant about the innner surface of the 2nd part of duodenum aka dsecending ?
    has circular folds and there is also a major duoduenum papilla
  66. what is the function of the 2nd part of the duodenum?
    It collect the bile and the pancreatic enzymes from the bile duct and main pancretic dut.
  67. where does the 4th part of the duoduenum meet witht he juejunum
    The duoduojuojenal junction
  68. what are the projections of the jujednum from the arterial arcades called ?
  69. what are arterial carcades?
    the anastomoses of arties from inferior mesenteric that give e off projections all the way up to the walls of the small bowel called vasa recta
  70. ways to differentiate different ares of the small bowel
    • juejunum- longer vasa rects, fewer arterial arcades
    • illium- shorter vasa recta, more arterial arcades
  71. where is the head of the pancreas located
    within the curvature of the duoduenum  adj to the 2nd part of the
  72. what is on the inferior aspect of the pancreas
    uncinate process
  73. how do the head and the body of the pancreas connect?
    via the neck of the pancreas
  74. where is the tail of the pancreas located?
    • on the most distal left side 
    • closest to the spleen
  75. what artery supplies blood to the head and the neck of the pancreas ?
    • inferior pancreaaticoduoduenal artery 
    • which comes off of superior mensentric artery
    • dorsal pancreatic artery
  76. what artery supplies blood to body of the pancreas ?
    • the two arteries coming off of the gastroduoduenal artery :
    • the posterior superior pancreaticoduoduenal artery 
    • anterior superior pancreoticoduendinal artery
  77. what supplies the body and tail of the pancreas ?
    • splenic artery gives off the 
    • greater pancreastic artery
  78. what are all the arteries of the pancreas?
    • posterior pancreaticoduodenal artery 
    • anterior superior pancreaticoduodenal artery
    • greater pancreatic artery 
    • inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery 
    • and the doral pancreatic artery
  79. Unique features of the large instestine ( bowel)
    • Tinea colli
    • houstra
  80. What are tinea colli?
    • found in large bowel
    • longtitudinal muscles fibers that run along the length of the colon
  81. what are houstra
    out pouchings of the large bowel
  82. what two branches does the abdominal aorta split into
    the right and left common illiac artery
  83. where does the abdominal aorta bifircate in the ab cavity?
    • it bi-Four-cates
    • L4
  84. the point where the thoracic aorta becomes the abdominal aorta
    • it passes throught the diaphragm 
    • or at T12
  85. what is the peritineum that covers the other surface of the kidney?
    renal capsule
  86. what are the layers from superificlal outer to deep middle of the kidney?
    • The renal cortex
    • medulla
    • renal pyramids
  87. what sepeartes the renal pyramids?
    renal columns
  88. the renal papilla location and course ?
    • found at the apex of the kidney 
    • it courses into the minor kelix.
  89. how is the major kelix created?
    from the conversion of all the renal minor kelices
  90. where does the major kelix drain?
    The renal pelvis
  91. where does the renal pelvis drain
    • the urether 
    • that carries urine from to the urinary bladder
  92. where dorenal arteries come off of
    ab aorta
  93. how are the veins and arteries of the kidney oriented ?
    the veins are anterior to the arteries and vice versa
  94. how are the right and left ovarian/ testicular vein branches of the renal vein different?
    the right drains directly into the IVC while the lefts first has to drain into the left renal vein b4 the IVC
  95. where do the testicular and ovarian artieries come from ?
    on the left renal artery and on the right the vena cava
  96. what is the course of the ovarian artery?
    down to give supply to the ovary
  97. what is the course of the testicular artery
    descend more laterally and goes into the inguinal canal then the spermatocord
  98. what is the realtionship between the gonado vessels( testicular and ovarian artries and veins) and the urether?
    • The travel anterior to the urether 
    • how to remember " water( pee) travels under the bridge.
  99. super renal gland location
    hat ontop of the kidney
  100. super renal gland arteries
    • inferior frenic artery gives off the superior super renal artery
    • branch from ab aorta - middle renal artery
    • branch off of the renal artery is the inferior super renal artery
  101. what vein drain the super renal gland?
    • The super renal vein 
    • distingush right from left always because their drainage is different parts
  102. xoas major
  103. illiacus muscle
    in the illiac fossa
  104. when the xoas minor and the illiacus muscle joing distally what structure do they connect to?
    they beome illioxoas and attach to the lesser trrochanter of the femur
  105. quadratus lumborum
    attaches to the inferior aspect of the 12th rib
  106. what is the lateral arcuate ligemant?
    where the fascia of the quadratus lumbarum meets the fascia of the diaphram
  107. orientation of subcostal nerve?
    comes out of the arcuate ligement and runs along the quadratus lumburum
  108. how can you find the subcostal nerve
    palpate the 12th rib and looking at the inferior aspect and following that out laterally.
  109. what nerve immerges from the quadratus lumborum adn the xoas major?
    L1 nevre root
  110. what is the branchs of L1 nerve root
    • illiohygograstric nerve 
    • illioinguinal nerve
  111. where does the lateral cutaneous nerve of the thigh come from
    posteriorly from the xoas major
  112. orientation of femural nerve?
    lateral to the xoas major
  113. what nerve is lateral to the xoas major ?
    the femural nerve
  114. what nerve lies anterior to the xoas major?
    genital femural nerve
  115. what are the branches of the genital femural branch ?
    the gential branch and the femural branch
  116. what pierces the right crus of the diaphragm ?
    the greater splanic nerve
  117. optorater nerve
    • medial to xoasas major
    • between the xoas and common illiac artery
  118. lumbosacral trunk
  119. where does the symathethic changes throughout
  120. illiacus muscle
  121. what are the three parts of the diaphragm ?
    • sternal- attach to sternum
    • costal- attached to ribs
    • lumbar- attached to lunar vertebra
  122. what structure converge to create the medial arcuate ligament ?
    the right and left crus
  123. the right and left crus meet to create the ...
    median arcuate ligament
  124. what is the space tha it created by median the arcuate ligament
    the aortic hyatus
  125. how to remember the things that perice the diaphragm to get into the abdominal cavity
    I Ate 10 eggs in vegas at 12

    • I ate- at T8 the IVC pireces the diagpham
    • 10 eggs in vegas- at T10 the esophagus and the vagus nerve pierce the diaphram
    • at 12- at T12 the aorta passes through the diapragm along with the azygos, hemi azygos veins and thoracic duct
  126. what 4 vertebral levels of kidneys?
  127. what are the parts of the foregut?
    Esophagus, Stomach. Liver, pancreas, Spleen, and proximal 1/3rd of the duodenum.
  128. what is a mesentery ?
    a fold of memebrane that attached the intestine to the ab wall to hold it in place.
  129. what is the dorsal mesograstrium ?
    • embryonic structure that developed into the greater omentum
    • it is the dorsl mesentery that attached the greater curvature if the stomach that is known as the dorsal mesogastrium
  130. what is the mesocolon
    the part of the dorsal mesentary that suspends the colon
  131. intraperioneal organs are...
    wrapped entirely in visceral peritoneum and suspended into this peritoneal cavity,
  132. retroperitoneal
    lay behind the peritoneum or just have one surface covered by it
  133. lesser omentum
    • connects liver to the lesser curvature of the stomach 
    • double layer of visceral peritonuem
  134. greater ommentum
    • double fold of visceral peritoneum that connect the greater curvature of the stomach to the transverse colon
    • loops over the small intestines and curves back to make it attachment to the transverse colon
  135. The greater sac
    starts at the diaphragm and extends all the way down to the pelvic cavity
  136. the lesser sac location
    behind the stomach and the liver
  137. the falciform ligament is a remnant of
    the umbilical vein
  138. what is the round ligament ? and where is it?
    it is within the base of the falciform ligament
  139. what is the coronary ligament?
    ligaments suspending from the inferior side of the diaphragam that attach to the liver to hold it in place. the anterior and posterior coronary ligaments make the triangular ligament when they meet on both side; meaning there are 2 triangular ligaments
  140. what is the ventral mesogastrium?
    embryonic structure that becomes the lesser omentum
  141. how is pancreas formed ?
    dorsal and ventral pancreatic buds that com off of the gut tube.
  142. Pancreatic divisum
    when the ventral duct and the dorsal duct of the pancreas do not fuse, so it is as if you have two separate pancreases. Causing intense pain. The ventral pancreas is more efficient that the dorsal.
  143. what are some ways to diagnosis pancreas divisum
    • ERCP endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatogrraphy
    • or endoscopic ultrasound ( endoscopic)
  144. In regards to retro and intraperitoneal how is the duodenum formed?
    first 1/3 stays intrsperitoneal and the second 2/3rd becomes retroperitoneal.
  145. what are the structures of the midgut?
    • distal 2/3rd of the duodenum
    • jejunum
    • ileum 
    • cecum 
    • appendx
    • ascending colon
    • prox. 2/3rd of transverse colon
  146. wh
  147. what is the cephalic limb?
    the part of the gut tube that becomes the distal duodenum, proximal illeum, and jejunum
  148. what is the cephalic limb?
    • distal ileum
    • Cecum
    • ascending colon
    • Appendix 
    • proximal 2/3rds transverse colon
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