GCC Class 2 Lesson 9 Quiz

  1. What term refers to an actual server on which virtualization software runs, creates, and manages virtual machines?

    B. Virtual host.
  2. What type of an attack may start on a virtual server but could threaten a physical host?
    A. VMware.
    B. Sandbox.
    C. VM escape.
    D. Cloud bursting.
    C. VM escape.
  3. You access your email through a cloud-based email service. What type of service are you using?

    B. SaaS.
  4. The delivery of services in which as-needed resources, software, communications, security, and data are available on-demand to a user over the Internet defines what technology?

    D.  Cloud computing.
  5. After reviewing the hardware inventory in the IT data center, senior management cites that many of the servers are underutilized,and it sees this as a waste of resources. What do you recommend to improve this situation?

    C.  Implement virtualization.
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GCC Class 2 Lesson 9 Quiz
GCC Class 2 Lesson 9 Quiz