1. The laws and the interpretation of those laws that apply to and affect the dental profession.
    Juris Prudence
  2. what is the mission of the Texas state board of dental examiners
    to protect the public health and safety. high quality and safe dental care by providing enforcement, licensing, peer assistance, and related information services to licensees and their patients
  3. who are the people on the board?
    • 11 members appointed by the governer of texas            Staff
    • 6 dentists                                                               Exsecutive Director
    • 3 hygieneists                                                          Legal Advisors
    • 2 members of the public                                          Clerks and committees
    •                                                                              Investigators
  4. What is the dental review panel?
    The dental review panel was created in 2013 during the 83rd legislative session to review standard of care complaints and to determine whether the subject license holder has violated applicable standard of care.
  5. How do laws become TSBDE rules?
    • 1. the texas legislature passes a law
    • 2.the law is published in the "Dental Practice Acts" section of the texas Occupations Code. These Laws are called "the practice acts"
    • 3. TSBDE creates rules based on new laws.
    • 4. TSBDE rules must be followed, or the professional can be reprimanded, fined or lose their license or certificate to practice.
  6. What is the Occupations Code?
    Laws passed by the legislature
  7. what is SB 610 code
    - Authorizes newly hired dental assistants to take R-Xays for up to 12 months after the hire date during the job training
  8. Dental Assistants can do visual dental screening if they:
    • -are only a part of a public event in which no fee is charged. 
    • -are only using gloves,a tongue depressor, and a light.
    • -recognize potential problems and refer the paitent to a dentist.
  9. the dental hygenist can not
    • - diagnose dental disease. 
    • -precribe treatment.
    • -perform any procedure that is irreversible or involves the intentional cutting of hard or soft tissue.
  10. what are the penalties for practicing without a license
    • -is considered a 3rd degree felony
    • - jail time (usually probated) 
    • -expensive fines
  11. does the dentist have to be in the office when the delegated task is performed?
  12. duties that cannot be delegated
    • -taking impressions for a final permanent restoration, appliance or prosthesis.
    • -making an intraoral occlusal adjustment
    • -direct pulp capping or any endo procedure
    • -final placement of an intraoral fixed or removable appliance
    • -placement of any permanent restoration.
    • -administration of any forms of anesthesia,sedative agent, or general anesthetic
  13. the dental practice act allow
    dental asistant taking radiology
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