Intro block review Egans ch 1

  1. AARC
    • American Association of Respiratory Care
    • The stated mission of the AARC is to “encourage and promote professional excellence, advance the science and practice pf respiratory care, and serve as an advocate for patients, their families, the public, the profession and the respiratory therapist.”
    • The AARC serves as an advocate for the profession to legislative and regulatory bodies, the insurance industry, and the general public.
    • The fulfill the AARCs mission, the AARC sponsors many continuing educational activities, including international meetings, conferences and seminars, publications, and a sophisticated Web site.
  2. NBRC
    • National Board for Respiratory Care
    • This is the credentialing body for registered RTS.
    • There are currently two levels of credentialing examination in the US: certified respiratory therapists (CRT) and the registered respiratory therapist (RRT).
  3. CoARC
    • Committee on Accreditation for Respiratory Care
    • Today, the respiratory care educational programs in the US are accredited by the CoARC in collaboration with the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors.
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